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Chapter 1 of Charlie's Angel

Going back today where it all began. Where we meet Charlie. This book is only .99 cents on Smashwords

Chapter 1


Charlie sat on the floor leaning against the kitchen cabinet. She glanced at the gun and the crimson on her hands and shirt. Was it her blood or Benny’s?

Everything happened so fast. She didn’t know Benny’s temper could escalate like that, and she never thought he would attack her.

From the first day Charlie moved in she knew Benny couldn’t be trusted. She tried to make Tammy see, but her sister was in denial. Charlie sighed, why didn’t she see this coming? She should have left the first time she caught her sister’s boyfriend watching her.

Today’s trouble began as she came home from work with supper. She set the pizza on the table and took out her cell phone. Benny came out of nowhere and snatched it out of her hand. “You don’t need to call Tammy. She’s gone. She won’t be back ‘til Monday.” Benny stepped back smiling.

“Give me my phone.”

“Take it.”


“I paid for it.” Benny sneered.

“You did not. Give me my phone.” Charlie reached as he held it out, but Benny tossed it over his shoulder. He grabbed her wrist and leered. She couldn’t help but smell his breath.

“Are you drunk?”

“Who me?” Benny laughed, gesturing at the bottle of whiskey on the table.

“I’m tired of you Benny!” Charlie turned.

“No, you don’t! Come here! Don’t you know what this means? We’re finally alone.” Benny grabbed her wrist.

“I’m not staying with you,” Charlie spat out.

Benny yanked her close, picked her up and turned her around. “Let’s dance.”

Charlie pushed, but Benny held on, laughing. Out of anger and frustration, she slapped him hard.

Benny stepped back; he raised a brow and wiped his lip with the back of his hand. He looked at the blood, shaking his head. “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“Let me go Benny!”

“You’re not going anywhere. I’m tired of your skinny sister. I want you!” Benny stood in front of the back door taunting Charlie. She turned and ran to the front door. Benny followed, caught her, and slammed her against the wall.

“You can’t get away from me!” Benny slapped Charlie twice and laughed as tears streamed down her face.

“Let me go!” Charlie screamed.

“No! You’re mine now!” Benny leaned in, kissing Charlie on the neck.

“Stop it! Get off me!” Charlie pulled a picture frame from the wall and hit Benny as hard as she could. He fell back, cursing, momentarily dazed. She pushed him and ran, but didn’t get far before she felt Benny’s hand pull her down.

She fell with a thud, and winced at the pain. They wrestled on the floor. “No woman’s gonna get the best of me.”

Charlie fought, kicking and hitting with all her might. Benny tried to kiss her again, but she turned away.

He straddled her, laughing. “I know what you need.” He stood, dragging Charlie into the kitchen pushing her into a chair.

Charlie tried to get away, but Benny forced her back down. He picked up the bottle of whiskey and slammed it on the table. “Drink it!”

Charlie looked up, her mind frantically working out a plan. “I said drink it!” Benny pushed the bottle into her hand and yelled, “Now!”

“Okay, okay. I’ll do it.” Charlie nodded and steadied herself. Would it work? It might be her last chance. “I don’t like to drink.” She looked up at Benny and smiled. He was drunk. Maybe she could con him. “I guess I could give it a try.”

“Sure, take a swig.” Benny’s drunken smirk convinced Charlie her plan might work. She twisted her wrist backwards, picked up the bottle in an awkward manner, and then brought it to her lips.

Charlie tilted her head, keeping Benny in her peripheral vision. She let the dark liquid flow into her mouth, asking the Lord; please don’t let this kill him. She then swung her arm, striking Benny on the side of the head with the bottle of Jim Beam.

As she spat out the vile tasting whiskey, she kicked the chair away and scurried to the kitchen. She stuck her hand in the cookie jar and sank to the floor, holding Benny’s gun in her hand. Charlie leaned back. Her body was trying to recover from the shock of the beating and the sound of the bottle hitting Benny’s head.

Charlie froze for a few seconds and sat holding the gun. She looked down at the blood on her hands and wanted to scream. Her hands and legs trembled, but she willed herself to calm down. She huddled, listening, her lips moving in a silent prayer.

She kept the gun in one hand, crawled to the end of the bar, and peeped into the dining area. Benny lay close to the back door. The thought of him grabbing her leg as she walked by caused her heart to race. “If I can get out of the house, I’ll be okay.”

Charlie stood on wobbly legs and dug into the cookie jar again. Benny’s poker stash would come in handy. She’d given Tammy money for weeks; it was time for payback. She shoved the money and the 9mm Kel-Tec in her pocket, said a prayer, and hurried over top of Benny. She grabbed her jacket and purse from the coat rack and ran out the back door.

Once she made it to the sidewalk she stopped and looked back, Benny wasn’t following. Had she hit him too hard? Charlie took a deep breath and looked around.

She didn’t want to be in South Bend, Indiana. She wanted to forget these last three months and go back home to Ohio, but she couldn’t. Two months after she turned twenty, she left home because of her dad.

Since the accident at work, he no longer allowed her to go to church. He started drinking, and blamed most of his problems on God. Charlie knew her dad’s pain had put them in a tense situation. He needed relief. If he could get the insurance company to approve his surgery, maybe things would change.

Charlie felt anger rise. She looked to the sky. “Why did you send me here? What good did it do me? I’m no better off. I’m kicked out in the cold, beaten and bleeding!” Charlie looked around feeling lost.

“Now what? I’m too broke for a hotel. I can’t go home. That just leaves . . . Aunt Verla, in Chicago.” An idea began to form and Charlie started pacing. She looked down at her shirt; she needed to hide the blood. She slipped into her jacket and zipped it up.

Her hands had stopped shaking, but her lip ached. She pulled out some tissues and tried to wipe the blood away. When Charlie heard a noise she looked up. She could see Benny’s shadow moving around inside the house.

“I can’t let him catch me.”

Charlie looked up and down the street and noticed Benny’s neighbor, Sam, leaving for church. She ran across the street, calling to him as he unlocked his truck. “Can you give me a lift?”

Sam looked toward Benny’s house and his brow furrowed. “Where to?”

“The bus station.”

“Sure, come on, I’ll take you.” Sam didn’t mention the fact that she was a mess, or ask her about the blood that was on her hands and face. Five minutes later as he dropped her off at the ticket office, he turned and finally broached the subject.

“Are you okay?”

“I will be.”

“Do I need to call the police?”

Charlie shrugged.” Maybe you should, to be sure Benny’s okay.”

Sam nodded, “I can do that, but I was worried about you, not Benny.

Charlie glanced up. “I hit him pretty hard, but I saw him walking inside the house.”

“Don’t worry about Benny; he’s got a hard head. What about you? Are you sure you don’t need help? I can take you to the doctor.

“No. I’m fine. I’m going to see my aunt.”

“Well, you be careful. I’ll be praying for you. Here, take this.”

“I don’t need to . . .” Charlie tried to protest but Sam interrupted.

“It ain’t much. I forgot my wallet at the house, but it might come in handy. Take it.” Charlie nodded and took the money putting it in her pocket.

“Take care, missy.”

“I will.”

After closing the truck door Charlie walked into the building. Her pace quickened and she went to the bathroom, stepped into a stall, and pulled out the gun.

She checked the chamber as quietly as possible. It was empty. Next she took the clip out; there were five rounds left. She pushed the clip deep into her jeans pocket, and slid the gun into her jacket.

She counted her money; it added up to seventy dollars. That would get her to Chicago. She stepped to the sink and washed up, looking at her reflection.

“I’m a mess.”

She could see a bruise close to her eye, and a busted lip. She patted her face dry, hoping her lip wouldn’t start bleeding again. After brushing her tousled hair, she tucked in her shirt, managing to hide most of the blood. Charlie checked her appearance and then headed out to look at the bus schedule.

Twenty minutes later she boarded a bus to Chicago. Charlie sat in the second seat back and prayed for guidance. She glanced at the strangers around her. They seemed lost in their own thoughts.

How many of them were running from something, too? Charlie settled down and tried not to think about what awaited her in Chicago or what might be following behind her.

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Contest moving forward

I know we are all busy at this time of the year so I will leave this going until we get some repsonses. Thanks much for reading.

Here is a teaser from chapter 3

Antonio glanced at one of the cops that was checking out his mom, and his brow furrowed. He knew his mom was pretty, but why did every man who passed by have to acknowledge the fact by staring or smiling.

The man walked by, stealing glances, and Antonio noticed that his mother was looking back. He wanted to say something, but he knew better. She was the adult and the slap she gave him told him that she would do as she pleased.

One of these days, maybe when he turned eighteen, he’d show her. He might even take his brother and sister and move in with grandma. She’d feel bad then, about all the men she’d brought home.

Antonio crossed his arms and gave the cop a dirty look when he looked back once more. It didn’t seem to do any good, and before he knew it, the man was walking over.

The man made his way, passing through the crowd, asking if anyone had seen anything. Antonio wanted to step back and leave, but he didn’t. The officer was wearing his badge on his belt, and his shoulder holster made him look intimidating.

“Miss, I’m asking folks if they’ve seen anything this morning that could be helpful.”

“We don’t live far from here, but no, we didn’t see anything.” Rosa looked at Antonio, and he only shrugged. “I’m a nurse. I would have come running if I’d heard the crash.”

“A nurse.” The officer repeated, looking back at the plane as if thinking. “I wonder if I could get you to take a look at something, if you don’t mind.”

Antonio rolled his eyes as the officer flashed his mom a smile. The man didn’t want her to look at anything; he wanted to get her phone number. Maybe he wanted to ask her out. Of course, his mother would accept.

“I don’t mind. I’m not sure if I can help.”

“We’ll see.” The officer raised the yellow tape, and the four of them walked under. Tina and Tommie followed dutifully behind their mother, and Antonio walked behind.

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Thanks Fans

I hope that you are all enjoying the free chapter. I'm working on a book trailer. I hope to have it posted soon. I will be giving away Two free E copies of Street Justice Charlie's Angel from Smash words tomorrow.

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Street Justice Tidal Wave Book Two

I hope you guys enjoy this look at chapter one. Tidal Wave is available now at Amazon and Smashwords.

If you didn't get book one look for it to go free for a few days before Christmas on Smashwords. Don't miss it!!!

Want to see what Tidal Wave is all about check it out here

Chapter 1


He lay there staring tat the crack in the ceiling as long as he could. Antonio Sanchez climbed out of bed, cringing when the bed springs squeaked. He stepped into his jeans, threw on yesterday’s T-shirt and slipped down the hall.

He quietly checked on Tommie and Tina. Thankfully, they were sleeping soundly. As far as his younger siblings knew their mother slapped him because he broke her new vase.

They were too young to understand what the fight was about, but if their mother didn’t stop bringing men home, sooner or later they’d figure it out - as he had. He didn’t want that day to come, but there was only so much he could do.

How many times had he rushed them into another room, or taken them outside to look at the stars. He was running out of tricks and games to keep them from seeing and hearing things that in the end would break their heart.

He’d hoped that when he turned fourteen, he’d be taller or broader. Maybe some of the men would be afraid of him, but so far, that hadn’t happened.

Antonio gave them dirty looks and didn’t try to hide his anger when the men came home with his mother. One guy laughed at him, but one of them last week actually seemed to feel sorry for him, which only made him more frustrated.

When his mom mentioned tonight she was going out again, he lost it. He picked up the vase that wimp George gave her and broke it across the end of the table. He knew the twins would hear the crash and come running so he spoke fast.

“Don’t you care what they think of you? I love you Mom, but you have to stop. The kids at school already laugh behind my back and call you a . . .” That’s when the slap came. It was hard, and he stepped back dropping what was left of the vase.

She’d never hit him before, but then again, he’d never used that word. He knew that in the morning all would be forgiven, and that she’d act like nothing ever happened.

She’d run her fingers through his hair and give him a smile that said she would try to do better. Maybe for a week or two she would be different. Once she even stopped dating. She acted different, and spent more time with him and the twins, but as always, it started to fade, and she went back to her old habits.

Antonio slipped into his shoes and walked down to the water. They’d lived all over Chula Vista, but this was the first time they’d ever rented a house on the beach. He didn’t want to move again.

He loved going down to look at the ocean just as the world was coming to life; it was quiet and peaceful. A few times, he’d even thought he heard God speak.

His grandmother had told him over and over, that if his heart was in the right place, and if he listened long enough that God would speak to him.

What would God say now? He’d probably laugh at his poor attempt to straighten out his mother. He might mention that all of them should go to church with Grandma, and maybe, He’d say that no one was perfect. Antonio laughed and looked up to the sky.

“I’m doing my best. Some help would be nice here.” He shook his head and could hear his grandmother’s voice saying, “Now don’t let me catch you making fun of God.” He laughed again and knew that if it wasn’t for the twins, he’d more than likely move in with his grandmother.

He pushed every thought he could out of his mind and drug his feet, loving the feel of the California sand. He moved to a piece of driftwood and sat down. He closed his eyes and listened to the sounds of the ocean.

It was the time of the day when the sun wasn’t up, but you could tell the morning was coming. Antonio knew he should be in bed asleep, but there were just too many things going through his mind.

As always, the troubles of his home life came creeping back disturbing his peace and quiet. He looked over his shoulder expecting his mother to be standing there, arms crossed, shaking her head, because he’d called her an ugly name.

He didn’t like fighting with his mother, but she couldn’t keep bringing strangers into their home.

Antonio sighed and dropped his hand, reaching down to dust the sand off his pants legs. He was so tired of being the adult. He wiggled his mouth and felt a twinge of pain in his cheek.

He forced himself to laugh again; it wouldn’t do any good to cry. He was becoming a man, and men didn’t cry . . . did they?

The sound came to him out of the morning mist. He looked up into the sky and after a moment, he rose. It was a plane, but something didn’t sound good. Turning right and then left, he finally found it. He squinted, trying to pick the plane out of the semi-darkness.

When he did see it, he could tell something wasn’t right. The plane looked too low. He watched as it came in closer. He took out his cell phone and began to walk, keeping the plane in sight. It was coming down too fast; were they going to land here?

He sprinted down the beach, holding to his phone; the plane was ahead of him now, and still falling. He wanted to pray, but didn’t know how.

As the plane came down Antonio hit the ground, sand spraying him in the face. He wasn’t far from the plane; would it land on the beach or hit the water?

He buried his head and listened. There was a crashing sound, and the groan of glass breaking, but no explosion. Seconds later he made the 911 call. The operator took his information, saying help was on the way. Antonio pushed his phone into his pocket and rose.

The plane’s landing gear had crumpled into the sand, and the plane creaked to a stop and now sat pointing out toward the ocean. The left wing was broken, and smoke rolled from the motor. Antonio ran toward the plane, but paused as he saw a shadowy figure landing on the ground, feet first.

He could hear someone yelling, but he stopped when he saw a man pull a gun from the plane and stuff it into the back of his pants.

Antonio fell back into the sand, hiding behind some rocks as the man turned, scanning the beach. He willed himself to disappear into the dirt and waited. The man yelled out for his companion. “Caldwell, where are you?”

Suddenly, the man’s tone changed. “Caldwell? Are you okay?” Antonio’s curiosity got the best of him. He raised his head to see what was going on.


Moaning Carlos began to move around. “Man, that was some crash. Caldwell, are you okay?” His head ached and he moved his body, starting with his hands. Nothing seemed broken; everything still worked, but Caldwell hadn’t answered.

Carlos sat up and felt some pain, but nothing he couldn’t handle. He rubbed his hand against his neck and felt blood. Something had gone wrong; the plane wouldn’t . . .“We gotta get out of here, Caldwell,” he whispered.

After unbuckling, Carlos slid out of the seat and sank into the sand. The passenger seat was empty, and the glass was broken. He reached into the plane, took out his gun and stuffed it into his pants.

Carlos walked around the plane and in the semi-darkness found his passenger. He bent down and checked Caldwell for a pulse; his heart was beating, but there was a lot of blood.

Carlos glanced around, seeing no one and took Caldwell’s wallet. He then removed his ID bracelet Dani had given him and placed it on Caldwell. After looking around, he hurried off into the bushes; he needed to get away and start working on a plan.


Antonio couldn’t believe his eyes. The shadow took the man’s wallet, did something to his wrist, and then left, making his way toward the street. Seconds later Antonio rose to his feet and ran to the man lying on the ground. He glanced at the tree line as he went, but the second man was gone.

Antonio glanced at the crumpled plane; he guessed the men were trying to make it to the airport. He looked down at the lifeless man and dropped to his knees, cringing at all the blood.

“Are you okay, sir? Wake up; I called the police.” Antonio began looking at the man’s wrist. There was a gold chain there now, and after squinting, he read the name. His mother was a nurse, and he knew this would be the first thing the EMT would look for.

There were no medical warnings on the chain, just the name ‘Carlos Santora.’ Antonio shook his head as he rested the man’s hand back onto the ground. He wouldn’t forget that name any time soon.

The sound of sirens caused him to jump to his feet. Something was going on with this man, or the plane, and he wanted no part of it. He rose and stepped backwards; in the dim light, he could see the man move his hand. “Help’s on the way.” He knew he couldn’t help the man, though he wished he could.

Antonio turned and ran. He didn’t want to be caught at the scene of a crime. He wasn’t going to tell his mother about this either. She had enough troubles without having to deal with the police and all the questions they’d have. Eventually, he’d hear something on the news, and that would have to do.

Antonio ran all the way home, slipped back into the house and went to his room. He pushed his sandy shoes under the bed, changed clothes and lay down to try to sleep. The fallen man’s face was etched into his mind, and he couldn’t help but wonder why the other man ran off.

In the next few days, he’d more than likely hear that a man had been found on the beach, and that his name was being held to protect his family. Antonio would try to act surprised and do his best to keep his mouth shut about the whole awful mess.

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Hey guys sorry it has been so long. Been so busy Tidal Wave my second book is out. I'll try to post a free chapter tomoorw. Or you can go to my new web site and check it out there.

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Interview with the founder of Smashwords

Check out an interview with the founder of a new Smashwords forum. Thanks.

Snippet from chapter 31 Enjoy. Angel is really torn in this one.. what will he do?

Angel could feel Charlie slipping through his fingers, and he didn’t like it. How did he handle this? He sat rubbing his thumb across the back of her hand, trying to think of what to say.
Charlie spoke, not giving him much time. “Angel, why were you snooping in Rico’s papers? What were you looking for?”
Angel looked up quickly. “Who do you trust more, me or Rico?”
“You, of course. I don’t trust Rico at all.”
“Smart girl. Keep it that way.”
“I’ll try, but if there’s something going on, I need to know what it is.”
Angel nodded. “It’s complicated.”
“I’m sure it is, but I don’t want to say the wrong thing and get you in trouble. I’ve never seen Rico get angry, but I have a feeling he’s got an extreme temper.”
“He does, and I don’t want it directed at you.”
“Then tell me what’s going on.” Charlie pleaded.
Angel shook his head at the predicament in which he found himself. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”
“You may be right, but I don’t want to get in front of Rico or Jerry and say something I shouldn’t.”
Angel sighed. What should he do? Tell Charlie the truth so she would know exactly what she was dealing with, or should he leave her wondering and take a chance that she wouldn’t say the wrong thing?

“We don’t know each other well, but you can trust me.” Charlie’s tone was low, and Angel knew she wouldn’t lie.
“What would you do if I told you I was stealing from Rico, or spying on him for a competitor?” Angel noticed Charlie didn’t pull her hand away; instead she rested her hand over his.
“I would let you know I don’t approve, and that you should consider the danger you're putting yourself in.”
“You wouldn’t tell Jerry so he could protect his son?”
“No. Rico’s a big boy. He knows what he’s doing. Besides, Jerry’s facing some issues of his own. He’s thinking about taking the businesses back from Rico to take away some of his power.”
“When?” Angel straightened in the seat knowing this could cause him problems.
“I don’t know.”
“Great, that’s all I need, another roadblock.” Angel looked at Charlie, an idea coming to him. “Hey, Jerry listens to you. Do you think you could talk him out of doing anything to Rico for a couple of weeks?”
“Maybe. I’m not sure.”
“I don’t want you to say anything that would make him ask questions, but I need things to stay as they are.”
“Why? How can it hurt things if Rico loses some of his clubs or his money? Are you afraid you’ll lose your job?”
“No.” Angel sighed placing two fingers on his temple and then he nodded, thinking this was his only way out. Angel took Charlie’s hand in his, kissed it, then looked her straight in the eye, “You can not repeat what I’m about to say . . . to anyone. Not Jerry, not Rico, no one can know. This will be our secret.”
“I understand.”
“I’m not sure you do. We can only talk about this in private. If I ever shake my head no, or change the subject, you must do as I say.”
“I will

“Good, because if you don’t, my life could be in danger.”
“Angel?” Charlie closed her eyes but quickly opened them when he spoke.
“If the information I’m about to tell you gets to anyone, especially Rico, it could cost me my life.”

Sorry you'll have to buy the book to read more..
Smashwrds 3.99

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Snippet from chapter 20

“Well, I’m ready to go to the apartment. Rico said he’d be out in a minute.” Charlie glanced over her shoulder, and looked back when Angel spoke.

“Were you guys working on something for Jerry?” Angel started to lift the bottle to his lips, but when Charlie spoke he stopped, setting the bottle on the counter.

“No, just chatting. Jerry wanted me to talk to Rico, to see what he thought about his dad’s new ideas.”

“So this was Jerry’s idea?” Angel felt somewhat relieved and a bit of his anger was transferred to Jerry. So the man wanted to do some matchmaking. Well, he needed to leave Charlie alone. Angel took a quick drink and then looked up.

“Of course, it wasn’t my idea.” Charlie wrinkled her nose as if she smelled something bad, but then laughed. “I know I’m supposed to love everyone, but I can barely tolerate that man.”

Angel reached and gave a gentle tug on the gold cross hanging from a chain around Charlie’s neck. “I recall you saying in Bible study that you were supposed to love your neighbor as yourself.”

Charlie pulled the cross from his grasp and laughed. “I try, but some people are easier to love than others, but either way, I do my best to not show a partiality.”

“That’s obvious.” Angel turned, leaning on the bar; his tone was short and his anger was returning.

Charlie reached out and placed her hand on Angel’s shoulder. “Have you been sitting here thinking I’d rather be with Rico than with you?”

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A snippet from chapter 19

Rico was amazed at Charlie’s comments. He leaned back, wondering if she was telling the truth. “You’re trying to tell me you’re not angry with me? I blackmailed you into going on that date. I threatened to call off your dad’s surgery.”

“But you didn’t.” Charlie smiled, and Rico nodded, he didn’t want to admit he forgot all about it. The door opened and Rico was glad for the interruption.

Jerry stepped in and came over, placing his hands on Charlie’s shoulders. “Is my son boring you?”

“No. He can be a charmer when he wants to be.”

Rico smiled and glanced at his dad. “I was thinking of asking Charlie if she wanted to have a night cap.” Rico knew Charlie didn’t drink but he wanted to irritate his dad and much to his surprise, his dad smiled.

“She doesn’t drink, son, but she might allow you a cup of coffee or a late supper.” Jerry patted Charlie on the shoulder and stepped back to look her in the eye. “I’ve got a late supper to go to, but I’ll leave Angel here to drive you two home. You can talk as long as you like. Let Angel know when you’re ready to go.”

“I’ll take you up on that offer, considering I paid his salary last week,” Rico said, forcing a smile at his Dad.


Jerry laughed and stepped out, pulling the door closed. He walked over to where Angel was sitting at the end of the bar. The young man was nice, and though Angel liked Charlie, Jerry was going to do everything he could to keep them apart. He was going to do some matchmaking between Rico and Charlie. He put his hand on Angel’s shoulder and the young man looked up. There was anger smoldering in those brown eyes and it wasn’t going to get any better.

“Rico and Charlie aren’t finished yet. I want you to wait here and drive Charlie home. Of course, if they want to go out, take them where ever they want to go.”

“Yes sir.”

Angel’s tone was low and Jerry knew he should feel sorry for the young man, but all he could think of at the moment was his own flesh and blood. He stepped back and forced a smile as he spoke. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Jerry took out his cell phone, called a cab and five minutes later he was gone.

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A little Romance for everyone. Valentines day is just around the corner.. Buy Street Justice Charlie's Angel for your sweetheart..

Scene from chapter 18

The sound of the front door closing brought her out of her thoughts. She turned to see Angel walking to his makeshift bed. He laid his phone on the table and started taking off his shirt. She realized he had no idea she was there.

He stopped, took off his belt and sat down. She turned her back and looked out the window. She figured he’d lie down and go to sleep but a few seconds later, she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you trying to become a peeping tom?” His tone was low and playful.

“No, I am not.” She didn’t want to turn and meet his gaze, so she spoke, not thinking how it would sound. “I’m just enjoying the view.”

“That’s what all peeping toms say,” Angel whispered and Charlie had to laugh.

“I didn’t mean that view, I meant this view,” she gestured out the window.

“Then why won’t you turn and look at me?” His tone mocked her and she could feel how close he was.

“I was thinking about speaking, but then you started . . . I never meant to . . .

“I know what you mean. I’m fully dressed. You can turn around.”

Slowly she did as he said, not sure how far he would take his teasing games. Thankfully, all his clothes were on, but his shirt was unbuttoned. In the moonlight, she could see the beginning of a tattoo on his left shoulder.

It had her attention and she started to reach up and push his shirt back, but stopped. She realized she was beginning to feel way to comfortable with this young man. She caught herself and pointed, “How long have you had the tattoo?”

“Close to five years. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’d just bought my first Harley, and let’s just say . . . I did a little too much celebrating.”

“So you don’t get a new tattoo every time you get a new bike?”

“No. One tattoo’s enough.”

“What about the bike? Did it fair as well as the tattoo?”

Angel raised a brow. “I guess. It’s got some scratches, but I still have it, and it runs good.”

“What kind of tattoo is it? A bike?” Charlie could see the amusement in his eyes as he moved into the moonlight and pulled the corner of his shirt back to reveal a sword.

Charlie stepped closer, bit her bottom lip, and then spoke, “Wow! I bet that hurt.”

“It did. That’s the reason I only have one.” Angel turned loose of his shirt and smiled. “You can stay and watch the view as long as you like, but I need to get some sleep.”

Charlie didn’t want the moment to end, and when she spoke Angel turned, looking at her. “I’ve seen many things since I’ve came to this town. Some good some bad, but there’s a few things I just can’t forget.”

Angel raised a brow, he would know she was flirting with him but she didn’t care. She smiled and spoke, reaching out with both hands to tug lightly on his open shirt. “Some things in this city are just so incredible, you want to save the memory so you can look at in your mind, over and over again. I have a few favorites locked away,” she closed her eyes for a second and smiled, then opened them and looked at him.

“Well?” he mused.

“Picture perfect.” Charlie turned loose of the shirt and considered kissing Angel, then decided she was going to wait him out. “Good night, Angel.”

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Daily Sample Chapter

I hope you enjoy these posts. Thanks and enjoy the read. In this chapter we meet Rico, he's a local crime Lord and he's having lunch with his Uncle.

Chapter 9 Rico

Charlie’s shift started at eight, and the day was dragging by. She was thinking about the five hundred dollars the young man left that morning. All money should come so easy. Charlie took off her apron and went to clock out.

“Where are you going?” Jim’s tone was grouchy and that was unlike him.

“To take my lunch.”

“No. Not yet. I want you to wait on table five.”

“I’m tired and hungry. Can’t one of the other girls do it?”

“No! Go on over and take their order.”

“Do you mind telling me why?”

Jim’s brow furrowed as he glanced across the room. He sighed and his tone sounded angry though he kept his voice low. “Because you’re the best looking waitress I’ve got and that man could ruin me if he wanted to. Now go over there, and if you value your job, you’ll make his visit unforgettable.”

Charlie didn’t know what to think. She’d never seen Jim so edgy and it made her nervous. She liked being on her own and she needed this job, so she did as he told her.

She picked up two menus and walked over to a couple of well-dressed men. They both were nice looking, but there was just something about them that didn’t seem right. The younger of the two men checked her out as she approached and the older man watched in irritation.

“Can I get you something . . . to drink?” Charlie added after the young man gave her a look.

“Good thing you clarified that beautiful I was considering what my first request would be.” Charlie didn’t know what to say. She moved her attention to the older man and he shook his head as he spoke.

“Ignore my nephew; he’s spoiled and disrespectful. Bring us two iced teas and we’ll look over the menu.”

“Yes sir.” Charlie headed into the kitchen and, to her surprise, she found Jim watching. “Who is that?”

Her boss stood there for a moment and turned about the time she was ready to head back with two glasses of tea. “It’s Rico DeLusa. Whatever you do, don’t make him angry.”

“Rico? The . . . Rico,” her voice lowered, “the pimp?”

“Don’t you dare let him hear you say that!" Jim glanced toward the two men. “The man owns this part of town. His dad was in charge, but he’s in jail now. Rico took over, but he isn’t from the old school. He has his own way of running things. He’s not top man by any means, but he’s on his way up. Now, go and be polite.”

Charlie took the tea over, trying to be calm. What if she spilled something on Rico, or said the wrong thing. He watched her in a way that made her tense.

Rico smiled as she came back to the table, “May I say, I think your talents are being wasted here. Why don’t you think about coming to work for me?”

“Don’t bother the young lady, Rico. Can’t you see you’re making her nervous?”

“This is my Uncle Alfredo,” Rico gestured across the table. “Is he right? Do I make you nervous?”

“A little.”

“There’s no need for that.” Rico took Charlie’s hand and kissed it. “I’m trying to help you move up in stature. I can put you to work in a place where you’ll wear the best clothes and never want for anything.”

“Rico. Leave the girl alone.”

“You don’t order me around. You’re only my uncle! Don’t forget that.” Rico let go of Charlie’s hand and glared at the man across the table.

“Since Jerry’s in jail it’s my duty to be here for you.”

“I’m old enough to take care of myself.” Rico turned his attention back to Charlie. “Be a doll and bring me some lemon for my tea.” Charlie nodded and walked away from the table.


Rico’s uncle shook his head in disgust. “Don’t you know how to treat anyone with respect?”

“Sure I do. I’m good to all my women.”

“You’re a glorified pimp.”

“I’m not a pimp. I help women better themselves. I see to it they go to the doctor, and I treat them well. If it wasn’t for me, many of them would be on the streets, going hungry or freezing.”

Alfredo looked at Rico. He wanted to lean across the table and give his nephew a good shake. Rico hadn’t been taught right from wrong, and Jerry spoiled him way too much, but he should know better than to assume his dad’s role. Why couldn’t he see it would only lead him to jail? Jerry saw the light, but only after prison brought him to his knees. “Please don’t follow in my brother’s footsteps.”

“I won’t. I’m not going to jail.”

“That’s not what I meant, and yes, sooner or later, you will be behind bars. I only wish you could see how low you’re stooping in treating women in this manner.”

“I’ll say it one more time. I’m good to these girls. They live well. I don’t beat them. They can quit any time they want. Keep your opinions to yourself, old man. You’re not going to change me, so why don’t you go home and pray or something."

“I pray for you every day.”

“Good! Maybe that’s why I’m so prosperous.”

“God doesn’t approve of what you’re doing, and He sure isn’t going to bless anything you put dirty hands into.”

“I’m getting along fine the way I am. Go home! I’ve got some business to attend to.”

Alfredo rose from the table the moment the waitress returned. He put his hand on the young woman’s shoulder and looked her in the eye. He only hoped his few words would sink into her mind.

“Don’t let my nephew talk you into working for him. You have a good job; keep it. Stay away from Rico; he’ll lead you down the wrong path.” The man looked at his nephew and then turned and went out the door.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Daily Sample Chapter 6

This is only part of Chapter 6 I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 6

Good Samaritan

Charlie couldn’t talk Allie into going to the church festival, so she went alone. When she arrived and heard they were going to be short-handed, she jumped at the opportunity to help. The puppet show started at six and ended at eight, so they could have everything wrapped up before it got too late. Halloween night on the back streets of Chicago could get scary.

It was nine forty-five when Charlie, Nyssa, Joe, Tracy and Donna finished cleaning up and locked the church doors. They walked to the parking lot and stood talking.

“We sure appreciate all your hard work.” Pastor Tracy once again shook Charlie’s hand, and then turned to his wife and smiled, “I guess we should go pick up the kids.” Donna nodded and the two walked off leaving Nyssa, Joe and Charlie to say their goodnights.

“We need to get our kids, too. I'm sure glad Nyssa's folks volunteered to take them home so we could help clean up.” Joe moved to his cruiser and motioned to his wife. “I’ll follow you home. No speeding! I’d hate to pull you over and give you a ticket.” Joe started to leave but turned as his wife spoke.

“You better not give me a ticket, Joe Morganson. I’ll give you a trick instead of a treat.” Nyssa laughed and winked at Charlie as she unlocked the minivan. She and Charlie got in, buckled up and were on their way.

It was a short ride from the church to Allie’s apartment, so Charlie and Nyssa were in no hurry to part ways. They were talking about next week’s service, and when Joe flashed his lights, Nyssa laughed. “Well, I better get moving. Joe’s tired, and I don’t want to push my luck. He’s not usually willing to help me do anything at church, so I was thankful he came.”

“Well, he picked a good night to go. You guys did a great job tonight. I loved the play.”

“Thanks. I hope you can come again. If you need a ride, call. The church owns a bus, and the number’s on the pamphlet the ushers passed out.”

“That’s good to know. Taking cabs can get expensive.” Charlie glanced into the mirror. “I better let you go. Thanks again for the ride.” Charlie opened the door and climbed out of the van.

“Anytime,” Nyssa added as Charlie closed the door.

Charlie walked up the stairs and was stepping into the building as Joe and Nyssa left. She turned when she heard a rustling sound. She glanced down the stairs and saw something white in the bushes.

She leaned over the rail peeking down into the dark shrubs. There, with its head stuck in a bag, was a snow-white cat. “Hey there. What are you eating?”

Charlie pulled out a flashlight, shining it in the direction of the cat and couldn’t help but notice the orange pumpkin smiling back at her. She hurried down the steps and walked around to the shrubs. She knelt down, reached in, and pulled the bag off kitty’s head, confirming it came from the church.

She took the sandwiches out, stuffed the bag into her pocket and laid the scraps on the ground for the kitten. The cat purred as she stroked its soft fur. Charlie quickly remembered she was on the streets of Chicago, and not in the suburbs of Ohio, so she glanced over her shoulder.

She was about to stand when once again she heard a rustling sound. Thinking it might be another cat; she moved the beam of light from side to side. When she saw a man’s hand, she fell backwards and screamed. For a moment she sat there, inches away from the fallen man.

It came to her as she began to move; this man was at church tonight. The bag had been inches from his hand. “Hey! Are you okay?” She moved to get on her knees as she began to pray. It was tempting to run inside the building and call the police.

As she was thinking about leaving, the story of The Good Samaritan came to her mind. She couldn’t just leave him there alone. “Sir. Wake up.”

After a moment she could see the man’s hand start to move. “Are you okay, do you need an ambulance?” She watched as he tried to rise to his knees. She hurried to her feet and helped him to stand.

In the process, she dropped her flashlight. She left it lying in the bushes and helped the man out of the shrubs.

“If you can walk, I’ll help you into the building, then we can call the police.” She still couldn’t see his face, but by his build and clothes she could tell he wasn’t an elderly person.

“I need to get some of this mud off. I don’t need the police now. I was mugged, I’ll be fine.”

Charlie looked up and down the street, Could the muggers still be around? She looked at the man. As he moved toward the light she could see him better.

His face was bleeding and caked in mud. “You don’t look okay to me.”

“I will be. I need to wash up and be on my way.”

The idea of taking a stranger into the apartment was intimidating but she couldn’t leave him alone. He was bleeding and he’d be a good target for another mugging. She wondered for a moment if The Good Samaritan wanted to run and hide instead of help.

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Daily Sample Chapter 5 Angel

This is today's Daily Sample. Us Indie Girls try to cook something up every day that will wet your reading appetite. This is my introduction for Angel. He's my handsome undercover cop, who I'm sure you'll fall in love with rather quickly. This is from the Series Street Justice Charlie's Angel. Enjoy Chapter Five as we first meet the handsome trouble making undercover cop . . . Angel Morganson. Charlie's Angel is also available in paperback or check out my website to read more free chapters. Also on Smashwords.

Chapter 5


Sirens flashed and Angel cringed as the rookie pressed his face against the back of the cruiser. The cop holding him laughed and pressed down as he took out his cuffs.

“You’re not getting away from me, punk.” The rookie sounded a little too sure of himself. Angel wanted to pull his badge and tell the kid, ‘hands off,’ but he couldn’t. Some of Rico’s guys were sitting right behind him.

He might get away from this rookie, but the kid looked trigger-happy and Angel didn’t want to take a chance on getting shot. He grimaced as the kid once again pressed his face against the car as he tried to cuff him.

“You pretty boys are all the same! You think you can get away with anything. Well, let me tell you. You won’t get away with anything on my watch!”

“I can see that.” Angel's tone won him another slam into the car. After the kid got the cuffs on, he pushed Angel down to sit on the sidewalk. Now and then a cop would come along, pick one of them up, push them into a car and head to the station.

Angel sat for fifteen minutes before someone came along, grabbed him from the back, and pushed him to a cruiser. “Watch your head,” the cop warned as he forced Angel into the car. Angel glared out the window at the kid that cuffed him. Some day he’d get the chance to properly introduce himself.

The man behind the wheel of the cruiser took off a blond wig and a pair of glasses, tossing them aside. He put the car into drive and pulled out.

“It took you long enough,” Angel glared at Joe, a man who seemed more like a good friend than a brother.

“Hey! I got here as fast as I could. You should have called sooner.”

“I took a chance calling you when I did.”

“Well, just be glad you didn’t get a free ride downtown to booking. You’re lucky I was close by, passing out candy with Nyssa.”

“You call this lucky,” Angel leaned forward showing Joe a cut on the side of his face.

“You’ll live. I don’t think it’ll affect your looks any. Don’t be a cry baby.”

“Hey, who went to hold your hand at the dentist last month?”

“I was getting two teeth pulled. That’s a lot more serious then a small cut on your face.”

“Speaking of bad teeth, you got any candy?” Angel looked over the seat.

“Nope. I got a couple of sandwiches you can have. I can get more when I go back to help clean up. Where do you want me to drop you off?”

“It doesn’t matter. I can walk to my apartment from here. This is Rico’s part of town you know. I’m hoping this will win me some brownie points with his boys.

“So you think you might get to meet Rico soon?”

“I’m still working with some of his punks. It’s really hard to break into the inner workings of this group. But I don't think it should take much longer. I showed them tonight I’m willing to fight the cops. I told the guys I needed the work. I’m hoping they’ll contact me soon.”

“The chief said to keep the apartment for another month. I got some money for you, too.”

Joe pulled the car to the corner and Angel bent around so Joe could take the cuffs off. Once his hands were free he reached for a small bag and laughed at the smiling pumpkin on the front.

“Did you take the kids out trick or treating?” Angel began rummaging through the bag.

“Nyssa took them to church for some apple-bobbing and pin the smile on the pumpkin. We didn’t take them out; there was plenty of candy at the party.”

“You went too?”

“Yeah, Nyssa put her foot down. She wanted me to see the kids in the play. They did a good job. I’m glad I went.” Joe turned in the seat and handed Angel another bag. “Here’s a few other things.”

“A new phone already?” Angel took a couple of bites of one of the sandwiches.

“Yeah, this one comes with a tracking device.”

“I’m not sure I like the amount of faith they have in me.”

“You’re new. No one here knows you but me.”

“I know. I like to complain. Here’s the old phone.”

Joe took the phone and tossed it into the glove box. “I’ll drive you around the street and then you can jump out.”

“Works for me. I’ll try not to get arrested this time.”

“Do that, and keep your nose clean. I’ve got a wife, unlike some people. I don’t need to be babysitting you every time I turn around.” With this comment, Joe checked the mirrors and slowed the car. Angel opened the door, and in the shadows of the side street, he slipped out to make his way back to his apartment.

It was half past ten when Angel walked across Maple and Lincoln. A streetlight flickered, but he paid it no mind. He was taking out his phone to learn the features when someone jumped out, holding a knife. Angel looked at the punk and, speaking in a weary tone said, “It’s been a long day. Is this really necessary?”

“Trick or treat,” the kid sneered and Angel could see another knife blade in the moonlight.

“Will this night ever end?” He slipped his phone back into his pocket . . .or tried to. As he moved his hand he felt the hit. He almost passed out. He closed his eyes and fell to his knees. The phone flipped out of his hand and went scooting across the ground to the kid with the knife.

As Angel scrambled to his feet, the leader of the gang put his knife away and bent over to pick up the phone. Angel knew he was out-numbered; there were at least three of them, not counting the punk on the stairs.

He threw a few punches and put up a good fight, but after a few minutes, it was over. He felt them looking through his pockets, and barely knew when one of them pulled out his ID. He was out cold when the youngest kid ripped away the gun that was strapped to his ankle.

The tallest kid opened a small bag, but when he found two sandwiches, he tossed it over his shoulder.

“Someone’s coming.” The kid by the stairs yelled. “Throw him in the bushes and run.”