Sunday, December 18, 2011

Contest moving forward

I know we are all busy at this time of the year so I will leave this going until we get some repsonses. Thanks much for reading.

Here is a teaser from chapter 3

Antonio glanced at one of the cops that was checking out his mom, and his brow furrowed. He knew his mom was pretty, but why did every man who passed by have to acknowledge the fact by staring or smiling.

The man walked by, stealing glances, and Antonio noticed that his mother was looking back. He wanted to say something, but he knew better. She was the adult and the slap she gave him told him that she would do as she pleased.

One of these days, maybe when he turned eighteen, he’d show her. He might even take his brother and sister and move in with grandma. She’d feel bad then, about all the men she’d brought home.

Antonio crossed his arms and gave the cop a dirty look when he looked back once more. It didn’t seem to do any good, and before he knew it, the man was walking over.

The man made his way, passing through the crowd, asking if anyone had seen anything. Antonio wanted to step back and leave, but he didn’t. The officer was wearing his badge on his belt, and his shoulder holster made him look intimidating.

“Miss, I’m asking folks if they’ve seen anything this morning that could be helpful.”

“We don’t live far from here, but no, we didn’t see anything.” Rosa looked at Antonio, and he only shrugged. “I’m a nurse. I would have come running if I’d heard the crash.”

“A nurse.” The officer repeated, looking back at the plane as if thinking. “I wonder if I could get you to take a look at something, if you don’t mind.”

Antonio rolled his eyes as the officer flashed his mom a smile. The man didn’t want her to look at anything; he wanted to get her phone number. Maybe he wanted to ask her out. Of course, his mother would accept.

“I don’t mind. I’m not sure if I can help.”

“We’ll see.” The officer raised the yellow tape, and the four of them walked under. Tina and Tommie followed dutifully behind their mother, and Antonio walked behind.

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Happy Reading.

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