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Audio Giveaway Get a free listen

Audio Book Giveaway 


This is a very simple giveaway. The first five people that contact each author will receive a free code from Audible to listen to the audiobook of your choice below. Some authors will have more than five codes so don't hesitate to tell a friend about our giveaway.

If you see an audio you would like to listen to for free, in exchange for an honest review just click on the Contact Author link. When you contact the author you will be given a code and a link to where the find the book on Audible. Thanks for joining us and please share this post with your friends.

Not all of these books are Christian we have one R and some PG's please check the rating of a book before you listen.  The books are listed by Genre.  

When contacting the Author for your free codes, please send them your email and a little message saying. I would like a free listen of this audio, and give them the title. Some authors have more than one audio in this giveaway.  Thanks
Genre is in Blue
Contact Author in Red

Genre: children/fiction/animals
Genre: children/fiction/animals 
Rating, 4.6 stars on 59 reviews G

 Genre children/fiction/animals
 Rating, 4.7 stars on 44 reviews  G
Contact  Author Here

Genre Romance Christian Themes
Clean Romance Christan Theme Rated PG
Contact Author

 Anabaptist women’s fiction with romance
Audio Sample 
Genre Anabaptist women’s fiction with romance
Rating pg
Contact Author 

 Women’s fiction mystery, suspense romance
 E book
Audio Sample 
Women's fiction mystery suspense romance
Rating pg
Contact Author

Christian Thriller 

  Christian Thriller Rating, PG
Christian Thriller
 Genre: Christian Thriller Link
Christian Thriller Rating, PG
Christian Thriller
Christian Thriller Rating, PG
Contact  Author

Christian Fiction 

 Genre Christian Fiction 
Rating PG 
Genre Scifi
 Scifi-Alternate History-Time Travel 
 Rating PG 
Genre Scifi
Genre Scifi/Time travel Link
Rating PG
   Genre: Paranormal Romance/Suspense
(I can send you the actual MP3 file if you want it)  
 Genre: Paranormal Romance/Suspense
Rating: PG 13

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

Genre Contemporary Fiction
Rating PG13

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Genre Contemporary Romance R Rating
Rating R

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Samantha Fury is the author of  the Street Justice Series
She's written many articles on book covers, for Indie Authors.  
She operates several Indie Groups. Editing Services, Cover Artist, 
Helpful Indie Facebook Groups, and a wonderful Forum 

Check out Samantha's premade covers here

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Christmas In July

Christmas In July

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Writer's Process Blog Tour

Writer's Process Blog Tour 


Hi Samantha Fury Here!

I have been invited to participate in The Writers Process Blog Tour. It's a way for the readers to see what their favorite authors are up to of late. Parker J. Cole invited me to join and in a few minutes you'll see the links to the author that was happy to join in.  I love talking about writing, and I hope that you enjoy this tour.  


Thanks Parker J. Cole for asking me to join in on all the fun and be sure and check out Parker and her great radio show. Past archives of her show can be found here. You'll be able to find out more about Parker at her website.Also check out her blog post here on her writing process. Also I must give a shout out to her romance novel, it was a great read. Many Strange Women


1) What am I working on? 

This month I'm working on two books. A new YA series called Boundaries with an exciting new author Victoria Skyes. We're writing this series together it's great fun to see how our writing styles work together. I'm also working on the release of book two in the California Love Trilogy and writing book 3 in this series and I hope to have both books out as by the end of the year. There is a bit of a cliff hanger in book two so I'm working hard to finish book three so I can time their releases without driving my fans too crazy.



2) How does my work differ from others of its genre? 

I write in many different genres, so I would have to say how my writing is different in general. I've been told that I push things to the edge. I write life as real as I can get it. I don't like to pull any punches. I don't have cursing or too many sex scenes, but I do show life as hard, real, and frustrating at times.  I love to write and I hope to have books out in several genres: western, YA, Scifi, and Fantasy to name my favorites. 


3) Why do I write what I do?

I write because I just love it. My mind is always on a story or an idea. I find it hard to put down this gift that I so love. I often write on two or three stories at once. I'm so thankful for this talent. There is nothing like being able to do what you love and getting paid for your work. Even if I didn't get any money I would still write. 


 4) How does my writing process work?

This varies with every story. Sometimes I outline, other times I just sit down and start writing. Most of the time the story unfolds before me as I write. I can't wait to get to the next page to see what's going to happen. After I've finished a novel I let it sit and then a few weeks or months later I start reading it again. I may read it five to ten times before I send it out to Beta readers and then it's off to the editor. I love to write but editing is not my talent. I've discovered that each book needs two good edits at the least. 


Thanks for joining me today. I hope that you will take a look at one of my good author friends below. I know so many great talents it was really hard to pick only one. 

Meet my friend Laura J. Marshall Laura is a mom to five boys. A natural encourager, she writes Christian fiction and nonfiction. She also is the general partner at Christian Book Finds and co-founder of The Edge Books 
You can find her books here at Amazon  
You can see her blog here



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How to leave a review on audible

How to leave a review on audible


I've been told that a lot of people don't understand the process of leaving a review on Audible. Well I'm here to help you out with that and some great screen shots.  I have written permission from audible to share with my readers, so lets get to it. 

The first thing you'll want to do is sign into your audible account. If you don't have an account and you like audios then set you one up. We'll be offering some free audios soon on my blog, you won't want to miss that.
The first thing you will look for is your Library, you'll hover over the word Library and click on MY BOOKS

Next you will be figuring out which book you want to leave a review for. I've chosen one of my author friends Cliff Ball Out Of Time. Once you have chosen your book you simply click on Write A review.

Then we will be starting the review process. This is the screen you will see. You must fill things out in order as you come to them. So we'll drop down to step 1 and 2 of the review process.

Step 1 and 2 are choosing what stars we want to give the author. And titling our review. I'm giving this book 4 stars all the way around. That is a very good rating. That means Overall I give the book a 4 star, performance I'm giving the narrator a 4 star, and the story line also is getting a 4 star. 
The next thing we do is Step 3 and these questions vary from time to time, and sadly a lot of people skip this part. I think it's because of they just don't understand how important it is for an author and a narrator that others hear what past readers have to say about a novel. 
These questions range from how well did you like the book, what other book would you compare this book too, or many other questions. Here is a screen shot of this book Out Of Time. 
 After we have filled in all of these blanks we move on to the PREVIEW button at the bottom of the page. This is very simple just click Preview. As far as I know there is no way to EDIT the review once you submit so be careful and double check your spelling and make sure you've said everything you want to before you hit submit.
Now we get to see our review. As you can see my cute little Dog Jack is there as my avatar and you can see the whole review that you have just left for the author and narrator.

The last step is to submit it's at the bottom just a simple click away from being done. Remember don't submit until you're sure you are done. If there is a way to Edit your review I can't find one.
Once you have submitted you will find your review back under your library and it will now say Read your Review. 

Thanks to Cliff Ball, and for Gloria for the idea of doing this. If you need a good clean romance novel to start off your Audible experience with check out Maid for Martin. Thanks for dropping by. 

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Get 7 eBooks for Only $0.99 - 2 Days Only

Across the Ages Promotion
Get 7 eBooks for Only $0.99 - 2 Days Only
5/22/14 and 5/23/14
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Across the Ages

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Download 7 eBooks for only $0.99 - 2 Days Only
by CJ and Shelley Hitz
Henry goes to the big city COVER
Join Max Magee on this new adventure where he learns about unconditional love through a mouse named Henry. Wanting something more from life, Henry leaves his family for the excitement Big City. What he finds is that there truly is no place like home and the unconditional love of his family. This interactive eBook contains the following:
  • Optional discussion questions which relate Henry Goes to the Big City to the story of the Prodigal Son in Luke 15:11-32.
  • An application question
  • Memory verse
  • Short closing prayer.
  • Bonus: When you buy this book, you will also get access to the MP3 audiobook version.
Get this inspirational eBook for the children in your life!
Book #2:  Children's Fiction Ages 5 & Up Archibald and the Fiery Furnace
Join Archibald on his first adventure, as he discovers God's purpose for his life and meets Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Some say cats have nine lives, but Archibald only had one. However, while looking for his forever home, God placed Archibald in different lands and times to see amazing miracles that He did for His people. With lessons intertwined within each story and four included devotionals for you and your child at the back of the books in the series, these stories are sure to become a favorite. Each book also includes a "Find the Hidden Character" fun feature for younger children to look for as they listen.
Book #3:  Young Adult Fiction All the Angels Stood
This is the last week in Staci Schofield's life. Her birthday is on Monday, which is also the day she plans to die. Poetic, seeing as her mother disappeared on the night of her own birthday. But when a popular guy from school, Rush, befriends Staci, will her plans change? Rush sees demons clinging to Staci and nothing has worked so far to help her. What will make a difference in her life? A friend, an intercessor? How do you help someone move from 'take my life' to 'Lord, preserve me'?
Book #4: Nonfiction for Teen Girls 21 Teen Devotionals... for Girls!
teen devotionals for girls
Our lives are ruled by habits. We are defined by them. How our days play out, how we act and react, and even how we eat, sleep and talk are all affected by our habits - for better or for worse.  It's said that it takes 21 days to form a new habit or break an old one, so why not spend the next 21 days forming a habit of spending time with God? If you've got 21 days, we've got 21 devotions specifically written for today's teen girls.
Are you up for forming a habit of spending time with your Creator?  If so, download this book and get started on these devotionals!
Book #5: Nonfiction for Teen Guys 21 Teen Devotionals... for Guys!
teen devotionals for guys
Teen Devotionals… for Guys!, brought to you by, are written for teen guys who want to find their true strength in Christ, these devotions designed to be read, pondered on and applied to daily life. We want you to know that the Bible isn't just a book that’s over 2000 years old. It’s completely applicable to our lives today – even as teenagers. We know that girls and guys don't face the same issues in high school – not even close. So these devotions were written with today's teen guys in mind. Go ahead. Dig in. Find your true strength in Christ.
Book #6: Nonfiction For Christian Women and Mothers A Mom's Battle Cry for Rest
Tired? Stressed out? Overwhelmed? In this little book, set in an easy seven day format, join one Christian mom on her journey to enter into the rest that refreshes and find freedom from weariness. This is a Battle Cry for Rest. "The piles don't yell at me anymore. I don't know where along this journey they became silent and I took back authority over my time."
Book #7: Adult Fiction A Heart's Home
1746, India Born in England and raised in India by her father after her mother's untimely death, Asyra has been ostracized from her small village most of her life. News of her impending marriage arranged by her grandmother back in England only serves to confuse her further about who she is and where she fits in. When Madras is attacked by the French before Asyra's ship sails, she must pretend to be the wife of her grandmother's agent, who happens to be the elder brother of her intended. Can she move beyond prejudice to find her place in the world?
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