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Meet Archibald Bible Stories Are Serious Fun

Meet Archibald.
Hundreds of years ago, when Archibald was a kitten, no one thought he would survive. The tiniest of the litter, while his brothers and sisters got loving homes, Archibald was forgotten.
Sad and unloved, he sat down, determined to never get back up. That was when God spoke to Archibald for the very first time. He said, in a way only God can speak to someone inside their heart, where no one else can hear, “You’re not alone, Archibald. I am always with you.”
Archibald perked up his ears, but couldn’t see where the voice had come from. “Where are you? Why can’t I see you?” He asked cautiously.
“It would be difficult to understand unless I show you.”
“Then show me.”
“Very well. Close your eyes.”
Archibald closed his eyes where he sat on the hard dirt ground. He first became aware of his own breathing, in and out evenly through his nose and mouth. Then he felt his heart speed up and slow down.
God spoke again, “I created you, Archibald. I am within and around you. I preserve your life.”
The wind increased. It ruffled Archibald’s black fur and he shivered. He opened his eyes to see the branches of the trees around him swaying. A bird burst into song and flapped its wings loudly, flying away.
“And You are in the breeze through the trees and the birds of the air?” Archibald asked, astonishment making his eyes grow wide.
“I am.”
Join Archibald on his first adventure, as he discovers God's purpose for his life and meets Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Some say cats have nine lives, but Archibald only had one. However, while looking for his forever home, God placed Archibald in different lands and times to see amazing miracles that He did for His people. With lessons intertwined within each story and four included devotionals for you and your child at the back of the books in the series, these stories are sure to become a favorite. Each book also includes a "Find the Hidden Character" fun feature for younger children to look for as they listen. Included devotionals written by Karen Michelle Ricci. See the Reviews and buy a Kindle or Paperback copy on Amazon.  Win a Paperback Copy of Archibald's First Bible Adventure below, Archibald and the Fiery Furnace by Laura J. Marshall.  a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Bargain Books For 99 cents

Check out the books below they are all 99 cents some for a limited time only. Please check the dates  before buying. Enjoy our Bargains and Happy Reading.  If you pick up a book, and love it please take a few moments to leave a review.

Street Justice Series 
Charlie's Angel book 1 
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Samantha Fury

Miracles In Disguise
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Blessings From Above:  
A Deeper Look at the Beatitudes
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21 Prayers for Teen Girls: 
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Matchmaker, Matchmaker 
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Chasing Norie (Stones Creek) 
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Sophie Dawson

The Elite of the Weak
 (Revelation Special Ops)
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Precarious Yates

Prince of Alasia 
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Annie Douglass Lima

Past Hunter: When The Past Comes Calling 
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Ruthie Madison

Trouble At Lake Lorraine (Book 1) (KerryAnne Dawson)
Sherry Chamblee


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Free Book from Samantha Fury March 18 2014

I just wanted everyone to know my book will be free Monday 17  and Tuesday 18

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The book is Christian Mystery Romance Series Book Three 359 pages

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OH NO An Author Blog Chain!

Chain Blog jump on board

Many of you I'm sure have received chain letters.  Well now chain letters are coming to blogs. They are a lot like blog hops.  If you like to read and learn about new authors then just jump in.  The Chain may end with me but I will offer a couple of other authors to jump on board. Their links will be below.

The person that tagged me, is Alana Woods.  Here is her link from her part of the chain. HERE 

Alana Woods and I are great friends  even though we’ve never met in person. We have  hung out on Google Hangouts and got to know each other pretty well through another author friend’s Facebook group (Jason Matthews How to make, market and sell ebooks, all for free) and his weekly Indie AuthorsTV show which you can catch on YouTube. 

Alana was born in the UK but is an Aussie in heart and soul-- although she's now rediscovering Britain because eldest daughter lives there and the lure of family is irresistible. As is walking! She and husband John found a new passion in July 2013 doing the Coast to Coast walk. Next one is the pubs of the Cotswalds.

Alana's fiction work includes two published novels, both literary suspense, and a collection of short stories. Her non-fiction work includes two works. One is a guide to writing good fiction: 25 essential writing tips: guide to writing good fiction. Learn more about her life and how things started out for her as a writer on her website. Here

The Blog chain has us asking these questions below and I hope that you enjoy my answers.  

1. What am I currently working on

Right now I'm working on editing two novels.  Book two in the California Love Trilogy.  Book one was Maid for Martin, and book two will be Surprise Engagement. I'm also working on book four in the Street Justice Series called Mending Fences.I'm also always dabbling in cover design and have finished two covers this month.  If you'd like to learn more about my novels I write Clean Romance and Christian Mystery.  I enjoy writing and wish that I could write and get books out there as fast as people can read them. 
These books are not available yet but I'll share the covers with you. 

2. How does my work differ from others' in the same genre

I suppose that we each have our own way of looking at things. For one my novels will always have a happy ending. I think that life can be hard at times, and I want to uplift and give people a happy ending in my novels. I guess most of the time we write what we enjoy reading so I like romance, a little detective work, and humor now and then. I focus on real life situations, and my characters like me are not perfect. They make wrong decisions, and they sometimes pay for those.  I do show that life can be hard but if we try we can be a light in a dark place under any circumstances. I write under two pen names Samantha Lovern and Samantha Fury. I love images so below are the images of the novels I have out to date.

3. Why do I write what I write?

This is an easy question. I write what I write because I just love it. I love the stories that come into my mind. I wrote for years. Since I was 8 I've played with the people in my mind, and spent more time with my imaginary friends than I did the people around me. I was very happy to learn that this is normal for an Author.  For years I thought I was strange or that there was something wrong with me.  Finally when I was about 35 I realized that I was normal, for an Author. 

I love writing. I love my stories, and the people that come to me in my mind. They normally come to me as if they were born being a part of me. They are my best friends and I enjoy watching them grow and mature.  They are real to me, and I finally understand why when Louis Lamour talked about Chick Bowdrie, he talked about him as if he was real.  Our characters are real, they are alive in our minds, and that is what helps us to create such interesting true to life stories.  Here is one of my favorite images of me and my Boys!

4. How does my writing process work.

I normally get a novel idea from a dream that I have.  I feel that God gives me these dreams and expects me to take the small plot lines and turn them into stories. Sometimes ideas will come to me in other ways, but most of the time a series will start with a dream. After that a most of the time it just comes from sitting down and tossing out some names on a piece of paper.

After I start writing about half way through a plot will just appear, and before I know it the story just wraps itself up.  It really does amaze me at times how it all comes about.  Then comes the hard part the editing process. I've yet to find an editor that I just feel works perfectly with me. That's not to say I have not had some great editors, but I'm still searching for the one that I feel is my other half.

Thanks for jumping in and joining us on our blog chain.

Alana also tagged Jason Matthews. Feel free to check out Jason's links below.

Jason Matthews—Jason is also a friend. I mentioned him in my introduction to Samantha. We met a couple of years ago when I chanced across his Facebook group How to make, market and sell ebooks, all for free and joined. It’s about 2000 members strong now and growing exponentially, and that’s because it’s one of those rare forums that work, where we actually exchange information, support and help. As well as being a talented author in both non-fiction and fiction, Jason’s a great facilitator, hosting among other events a weekly YouTube Indie Authors TV show which focuses on all aspects of writing. I've had the pleasure of reading and reviewing several of Jason's books and also interviewing him recently for my Sunday author interviews.

Next Sunday I hope that a few of my friends will join in and I'm posting their links below. You can check out their blogs and work at any time.

Mary C. Findley
Best-selling historical fiction titles include Send a White Rose and Chasing the Texas Wind. Highly-rated nonfiction and home school titles also available.

Dave King, retired high school English teacher, married for over 30 years (to the same woman!), and father of three children was born and spent most of the first half of his life in Topeka KS.
In 1990 he and his wife, along with their two very-young children, left KS and spent the next five years in Taichung, Taiwan. Before moving back to the States in 1995, they had gained another child.
Since 1995, the author and his family have lived in the Jefferson City MO area.
The Land of Betrovia trilogy:
Betrovia: Summer 2011
Lycentia: Harrak's Scrolls: Summer 2012
Ahnak: Edelin's Revelation: Spring 2013

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Welcome to our Blog Hop. Our Valentines day blog hop is all about love. It's about God's love, Romance, you'll just have to hop from blog to blog to see what our other great authors are talking about and what they're giving away.

In love with Love
I have always been in love with the idea of being in love. When I was a kid I was crazy about little Jimmy from Puff & Stuff. I didn't know how to write novels or stories then so I just played with my imaginary friends.  Mom had to set a plate for Jimmy, had to talk to him, I'm sure I drove her crazy. I had no idea what love was I just knew I enjoyed pretending that I was a part of Jimmy's world.

As I grew up things didn't change and at the age of 8 I wrote my first story, it wasn't called, The Day The Sky Turned Green. Now it would be labeled Sci Fi.  I guess my interest in sci-fi and fantasy came early.  I also hadn't forgotten about cute guys and romance. This was easily seen in the shows I loved.  Land of the Lost and Holly's cute brother, then later on Captain Kirk on Star Trek.


A Fan of Romance Romance has been a part of me as long as I can recall. I love romance! Movies, novels, Bible stories. I love the story of Rachel and Jacob.  I love songs about Romance. Toby Keith is known for his drinking songs, but he has some of the best love aching, my heart's breaching songs around.

I think we all, married, single, old and gray, will have our favorite Romance stories we think back on. They may be something personal or it could be a favorite novel like Pride and Prejudice, or a movie like You've got Mail or a favorite Soap or TV show. I think many of my generation was hooked on Bo and Hope.

Soap Opera Blues
Days of our lives was a part of what brought on my romance writing. I don't recall what storyline it was, maybe Bo & Hope, but whatever, I didn't like the way things were going so I started writing things the way I wanted to see them go.  I had the habit for most of my life, of  pretending or telling myself stories, but I'd never started writing them down on paper.

I found it amazing how much I enjoyed writing and everything I wrote was about the perfect couple falling in love.  I like happy endings, and I love reliving first kisses.  It's so much fun to fall in love over and over. That's what romance authors do, we love falling in love, and we love writing about it.

Reality Check
I will say you must have a reality check, and don't ever expect your husband or boyfriend, to match the cute handsome, can do no wrong, men we write about.  Real life can be romantic but its' not as perfect as writers make it out to be.  Men can be loving, but they can also be a pain, and not only can they cause you to fall in love but they can break your heart right into.

It's good to have a reality check and pull our noses out of those books and take a hard long look at the men in our life, smile and know that they are not the perfect Martin Taylor or Angel Morganson that I like to write about. They are human and they are not going to hug us at the right moment. They are not going to brag about how good supper was if we burnt it, and they are not always going to want to hold our hand and kiss us when we cry.

Love Is 
I think if you understand Romance is entertainment, a way to escape and not something that we should compare our real life to, you'll be okay. I love romance and I love falling in love over and over, but I  understand there are limits and rules that we as Christians should abide by.  We are to also read the Bible along with those romance novels we love.

We are to treat our husbands with respect and love them even when they are not perfect, and we are to not focus too much on things we can't have, but learn to enjoy our real life and the gifts God has given us. 

I hope you enjoyed my Love Is Blog Hop please run over to our Blog Hop Page (link below) and check out our Grand Prize.  I also have a few things to give away in honor of Valentines Day.   From the 14th to the 17th I am running Maid for Martin a California Trilogy FREE. It will be Free for three days so feel free to grab a copy or tell a friend about a great Free clean read. Also I have a few audible codes for the New Audiobook Maid for Martin.  If you'd like to be entered into a drawing to win a Free Audible version of Maid for Martin just comment in the comments below. 

Maid for Martin Free from Feb 13 to 15 Only be sure it's free before you hit that buy button.
Buy or use code here for Audible Version of Maid for Martin 

Check out our blog hop Grand Prize and Other Blogs.

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Whispersync 101 Audio Adventures part 5

Whispersync 101 Audio Adventures part 5

Audio Adventures 1-4
Part 1
Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4

Cool Technology
This is some cool technology that Amazon has come up with to help Audio Listeners and Kindle readers.  In a nutshell Whispersync allows readers to switch back and forth between a Kindle book and the Audible Narration version. They claim you won't even lose your place. I haven't tried it, but I can't wait to see how it works.

   Audio Sample Listen Here
Maid for Martin
First let me say that I'm working on getting Maid for Martin all set up for Whispersync, I've been told that an author must request their book be made available in Whispersync.  Some don't want to do this because it will allow patrons to purchase your audiobook at very reduced price, therefore cutting your income.  Then again if you have a series, or more books, it could only help you gain fans, and new customers.

I've done some research on the topic and I've learned, if you own the Kindle version of Maid for Martin and when it hopefully becomes available in Whispersycne you can then go and buy the audible version at a reduced rate, and switch back and forth.  You could be at home on the couch reading the Kindle version, when your husband calls and says come pick me up my car broke down. Well, you only need to grab your audible ready device and jump in the car put on your head phones and start listening right where you left off, but not in that crazy mechanical voice that most kindle's have but the actual narrators voice.

I know it all sounds rather space age, but they say that's how it works.  I also hear that there are some complaints if you are not using an audible app, but I can't testify to that just yet. I hope to try it soon, and I may find the need to blog on this topic again.

I haven't talked to ACX, but I've read that your audio version needs to  match at least up to 98percent to what your E book is. Because the technology allows the reader, somehow, to switch back and forth between the E book and the Audiobook.  Amazing isn't it?   I listened to every chapter that Stephanie and I worked on and my book should be 100 percent exact. 

Now that does mean no going back and tweaking and changing anything for years to come, but it's a price you must pay to join in on this fast paced Indie Train that we all find ourselves riding.  Thanks for the great question Alana Woods. 

I'm posting some more helpful information here on Amazons Whispersync.
Whispersync How It works 
Whispersync on Kindle Fire 1st Generation
Whispersync for Voice-Ready
Again I love questions so if you think of something Readers just ask.

Samantha Fury is the author of  the Street Justice Series
She's written many articles on book covers, for Indie Authors.  
She operates several Indie Groups. Editing Services, Cover Artist, 
Helpful Indie Facebook Groups, and a wonderful Forum 

Check out Samantha's premade covers here

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ACX Read Review Upload part 4

Audio Adventures Continues

Part 1
Part 2 
Part 3
Part 4

First I'll say never hesitate to ask anything, this was a huge process and I don't want to leave anything out so if I miss something you'd like to talk about just comment, and we'll see what you have to say.


The next step once you've chosen your narrator, is for him or her to start reading your work. Stephanie Bentley read a few chapters and then started recording, she set up a great chart on Google Documents for us to share. It had several columns and it had places for notes for changes, that we both thought needed to be made to the book.

Once Stephanie noticed I called a girl a niece instead of a cousin, and few other small errors. It was very helpful she was willing to help in this area. We wanted the book to be ready for whisper-sync so the Audio version needed to match the E book, so if there were any times she missed something and it did not match the e book, exactly, I would let her know in the handy Google Document chart.

There were no huge mistakes and when possible if it was a small wording issue I would change the eBook to match the audio. I knew it would be easier for me to make a small shift in text than it would be for her to make changes in an audio version. It made things go smooth and fast. These were all small issues nothing that changed anything in the story line.

If you've never tried to do an audiobook on your own you have no idea how hard it is to get every word perfect. I've tried and it's not an easy task, for me the phone would ring, the dogs would bark. I would miss a word and have to start over. I did not have a sound proof room and I'm not a great reader so going with a pro was my only choice.

Stephanie would read the chapters post them to the ACX page, I would listen to them, upload any notes and if the chapter was perfect, I would place a F in the column meaning it was finished. I think there were four chapters that she had to fix small issues. She really did a great job and with my helping out changing a word here or there, in about five days we were done.

The overall process went fast and flawlessly. I did pray for her to be able to read easily, and it worked, we were done quickly with few corrections.  I will add any mistake will need to be corrected, even if she says horses, and the word is horse. The audio and the E book need to match if you want to use whisper sync. 

Once we were done we added music to the first chapter and the last chapter. I love the way it sounds. She did a sample for marketing, and added my husbands review. It turned out great and after we did this we could only wait on ACX to do their thing. 


I don't really know how Stephanie uploaded the books, I don't know if they were one chapter at a time or if she made one long file for ACX to listen too.  I just know a day or two later they were working on getting the book uploaded.  It says about 24 hours later  that it's headed to retail.  I got all excited thinking that the book would be up in a few hours but it was not to be.

It took them about ten business days, and that was what they called a rush, so when you get to this point don't keep jumping on line to see if the book is live yet, they will send you an email. I've heard nightmare stories about this part of the process taking weeks.

Finished Product
At the end of about 8 days I contacted them to see how things were going. I suggested very nicely that since they paid the stipend for my novel, maybe they could rush things along so we could get the book out before Christmas.  The gentleman on the phone said he would let someone know and a few days later the book went live.

I've sold 30 copies and received one review and yesterday I received 25 free codes to help get reviews. All in all, it's been an exciting process and I'll post a blog to let you know how things are going. I also will be interviewing Stephanie Bentley and other narrators that read for Maid for Martin. If anyone has any questions about this process, don't hesitate to ask. It's been a long and exciting process and now it's time to market market market. 

Click on Image to hear the sample

Click Here

Samantha Fury is the author of  the Street Justice Series
She's written many articles on book covers, for Indie Authors.  
She operates several Indie Groups. Editing Services, Cover Artist, 
Helpful Indie Facebook Groups, and a wonderful Forum 

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