Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Nano Nano

What is Nano?  

It's a contest where you try to write 50 thousand words in a month.  Yes you heard me right.  It can be done, thousands of people do it every year.  True, every word of it might not be worth keeping, but it teaches you to get out on that limb and write.  Never heard of Nano go here.
Getting ready for Nano

I'm not one of those people that count down the days, well not until it's like two weeks out at least.  But I love to get ready for Nano, or at least try to.  There is so many things that you can do.  You can clean the house, get some food frozen so your family does not starve while you're writing. There is laundry to get caught up on, so many things that you really need to make a list.

Will I be ready?
NO!  Of course not!  I will do my best, but there will be something that creeps up on me that I'm not thinking about.  There is daily things that you can't do ahead of time: like walking the dogs, eating, praying family issues.  Those daily chores that just have to be done.

For those of you that have done Nano before you know that the only thing you can do towards getting ready for the contest writing wise, is to work on that outline.  You can plan and think and outline, but you can not write one word not even that first line to this great new novel until midnight of November the first.

I don't have my outline started yet.  I'll once again be working on my Street Justice Series during this month so I'll need to do a little reading on the last novel and see where I left off.  I'm behind one book and that is not good.  Most of the time at this point I would be releasing my next in the series, but forces beyond my control . . . life in general . . . have slowed me down.

If you think you might be interested in joining in on this contest just jump right in with both feet.  That said do your homework, talk to others that have done this before.  Join our Nano group on face book. Here

Winning is fun that is for sure, but even if you don't win, you can learn so much from being in this contest.  You can meet some great people, learn that you can write a lot of words in one month, but most of all you learn to write write write.

I learned that I can write things that were not in my outline, that sometimes if do put myself out on that writing limb that the story line I created while out there will last and it is good.  I suggest that every writer tries Nano at least once.

I'll more than likely be talking about nano more before November so as I like to say during this time of year.

Nano Nano

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George McVey said...

I will once again attempt this crazy thing called Nano. Maybe this time I will acctually win. But if not I will vow to make more progress than my last attempt. Now if I can just get my muse to cooperate.