Saturday, November 19, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 Pacing and Saving Part 3

Pacing and Saving 
So you're thinking about doing Nano and you want to know how to pace yourself and you want to be sure and not lose any of those precious Nano Words, too.  I've lost a few chapters in the past so never think that you are wasting time stopping and making sure your work is saved.

Samantha Fury Pacing
For me, pacing goes out the window. I want to get as many words down as fast as I can because normally something will happen later on in the month to ruin my writing time. I've been writing since I was 8, and typing since I was about that same age. I can type extremely fast, and took typing classes for three years in high-school, and often during Nano have word count days of 3000 and up. My best record of late being close to 12k in one 24 hour period so for this topic I've spoke to a few of my Nanoites from our Nano Word War group. 

George McVey 

Saving Nano Drop Box Carbonite
Dropbox  is a way to share what ever work that you have on every computer you have.  If you have M word on both of your computers, if you have two, you can just switch back and forth between devices by dropping your current work into the drop box icon that will be on your computer.  Your work will be saved and you can even access Dropbox on any internet connected computer.

I have Carbonite for back ups too, but this is handy because there is not a lot of searching necessary when you want to work on one novel on two different computers.  It's really a breeze and you can also use it on your ipod for images and some music.  I really do love it. Check it out here. DropBox. 
Be sure and comment and tell us how you save your work.

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