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The Best Text To Speech for Authors part 1

Text to Speech
I love this new age that we live in, and all of the toys that we Authors have at our finger tips. We will be looking in detail at the different options authors have these days. for text to speech.  There are many choices and we will be trying to cover the best options available.


I know this will take more than one blog post to cover all there is to say on this subject so hang into your seats and book mark us so you don't miss one post.  I don't blog a lot so your inbox won't be filled with useless post that say nothing at all. If you want to join this blog with your email account just click on the cute puppy and add us to your list.

Uses for Text To Speech 

I use text to speech for two reasons. Editing, and Reviews.  Listening to your own book in audio form is a great way to edit, and to catch those mistakes that you might not otherwise catch. It's also a great way to entertain yourself while you're working.  Listening to a story, your own or another author, is a great way to make washing the dishes just fly by.

It's also a good way to swap reviews, authors don't have a lot of time so we need to use every minute as wisely as possible. Just be sure and don't do anything that needs a lot of attention, we don't want you running into the ditch or burning supper because you're so lost in an audio that you forget where you are.

The choices are many and I'm sure that I have not collected information on every text to speech out there but I hope to hit the top eight, and tell you what I have learned about all of them. We as Indies all have our own reasons why we want a product so your choice may vary from mine, to which one of these is really the top text to speech readers.

As usual prices will range from free to way too much. How much you want to spend will depend on how often, how picky, and what you plan on using this product for.  Also some are pc only and some you can save as a mp3 files so you can carry your little creation every where you go.

I hope to have our first look at the top eight text to speech soon. Be watching for it. :)

Thanks for reading Samantha

Part two can be found here

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