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ACX Audiobook Adventures Part 2: Choosing a Narrator

ACX Audiobook Adventures Part 2: Choosing a Narrator 

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Narrators Narrators Everywhere 

This was fun, but infuriating at the same time, because there are so many great narrators.  I actually started looking at their narrators about 6 months before I had made up my mind to go with ACX. I have a long history with audiobooks.  I've listened to so many of them, over the last 18 years while traveling cross country in an 18 wheeler I couldn't wait to turn some of my novels into an audiobook.

I looked into finding a male and female team to read my novel, but after listening to the few samples out there, I decided that it would be too distracting.  The way the readers would switch back and forth it seemed to not enhance the process but take from it.  I will admit that there were not many choices in this department. I would consider my opinion on this topic if I could ever find two narrators with voices that are closer in range.

Narrowing down the field 

Once you've got in mind about ten Narrators that you think will go well with your novel then it's time to upload your book to ACX if you have not already.  I suggest that as soon as you even consider going with ACX, that you start picking out Narrators.  My first list consisted of about fifty women and men that I chose for various reasons.

Uploading your novel is a simple process you follow the step by step instructions, upload your information what you're looking for in a narrator, and your sample of your novel.  The site will give you details on how long, to make your sample. It will also tell you to make it something important, something with dialogue. Maybe a romantic, or a fight scene. You won't want to go with the very first part of the book, but something that will show of some emotion and help you decide.

Email call write a note

Also, don't wait for narrators to find you, go ahead and jump in there and send out messages to some of the narrators you think will suit your novel.  Is your MC young, old, male, female, does she have an accent, there are a lot of things to consider.  There are a lot of novels going into audiobooks, so be sure and ask for at least ten narrators to read for you.  I'm sure you will find that some of them are busy and can't work on a project right now.

Here is a few screen shots to help you get an idea of how things work.  You can chose many topics to help you narrow down your list of Narrators. Click on the image to make it bigger and you can read the different topics.

Here you can see that I've picked several topics to help me narrow down my search. It's very helpful. Maybe you only want women narrators, or a narrator with a accent, or maybe you want an older female. There are so many helpful  ways to eliminate hearing voices that you know won't be right for your novel.
You can also just type in the name of the narrator if you wish. I have been told that even if you know which narrator you want to use, you still will need to option the book out and allow others to read for you. When I first placed Maid for Martin out there I received about 12 offers and I will showcase each of those members soon on my blog.

Here is one more screen shot to show you how you can chose to listen to a narrator you like. You you can see the samples they have posted on the site for you to listen to. Most of them have at least five or more versions of how their voice can sound. These samples can be very useful in helping you decide if you want a particular narrator to read for you.

Stephanie Bentley the narrator I finally chose has over 20 samples on her page and that was a great help hearing her voice in many different tones and accents. I really enjoyed hearing different samples. If you have several characters in your book you will want to pick a narrator that can do many voices.

If you have any questions please comment below, so I can answer. This is a long process and it's very possible that I'll miss something along the lines.  Remember it's never to soon to start trying to pick out a narrator.  There are many of them out there so go over to ACX and take a listen. 

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