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Whispersync 101 Audio Adventures part 5

Whispersync 101 Audio Adventures part 5

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Cool Technology
This is some cool technology that Amazon has come up with to help Audio Listeners and Kindle readers.  In a nutshell Whispersync allows readers to switch back and forth between a Kindle book and the Audible Narration version. They claim you won't even lose your place. I haven't tried it, but I can't wait to see how it works.

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Maid for Martin
First let me say that I'm working on getting Maid for Martin all set up for Whispersync, I've been told that an author must request their book be made available in Whispersync.  Some don't want to do this because it will allow patrons to purchase your audiobook at very reduced price, therefore cutting your income.  Then again if you have a series, or more books, it could only help you gain fans, and new customers.

I've done some research on the topic and I've learned, if you own the Kindle version of Maid for Martin and when it hopefully becomes available in Whispersycne you can then go and buy the audible version at a reduced rate, and switch back and forth.  You could be at home on the couch reading the Kindle version, when your husband calls and says come pick me up my car broke down. Well, you only need to grab your audible ready device and jump in the car put on your head phones and start listening right where you left off, but not in that crazy mechanical voice that most kindle's have but the actual narrators voice.

I know it all sounds rather space age, but they say that's how it works.  I also hear that there are some complaints if you are not using an audible app, but I can't testify to that just yet. I hope to try it soon, and I may find the need to blog on this topic again.

I haven't talked to ACX, but I've read that your audio version needs to  match at least up to 98percent to what your E book is. Because the technology allows the reader, somehow, to switch back and forth between the E book and the Audiobook.  Amazing isn't it?   I listened to every chapter that Stephanie and I worked on and my book should be 100 percent exact. 

Now that does mean no going back and tweaking and changing anything for years to come, but it's a price you must pay to join in on this fast paced Indie Train that we all find ourselves riding.  Thanks for the great question Alana Woods. 

I'm posting some more helpful information here on Amazons Whispersync.
Whispersync How It works 
Whispersync on Kindle Fire 1st Generation
Whispersync for Voice-Ready
Again I love questions so if you think of something Readers just ask.

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