Monday, September 14, 2009

Nano and November are just around the corner!

Coming this November will be one of the most exciting contests I've ever entered. I'll be fighting against someone that's hard-headed and hard to please. A person that thanks God for the opportunity to write. A person that loves to write, and a person that I know will fight to win when Nano pushes her to new heights and new way's of thinking. I'll be competing with this person every minute and that person is ME.

Nano is a time to really push our limits. It's a time when we write ourselves out on that limb. We don't worry about spelling errors, or where the story is going. We write, write write. Pushing back the worries of what will happen, and learning along with others . . . that when pushed against the hands of the clock and the calendar we can actually write something good, something that's worth keeping and something that just might end up in print and on a bookshelf.

I'm so thankful that Nano came along. I'm so thankful that a good friend named Tommie Lynn talked me into entering this wonderful contest. It's taken me down a path of getting my own works published through P.O.D. Helped me to see all the opportunities that's out there waiting for those that choose to publish their own writing.

Writing 50,000 words in a months time opened my mind to a new way of writing. It helped me learn to focus on the creation of the story, and to put editing to the back burner. It helped me to see that I can write under pressure. It taught me that some of my best work comes when I'm working and writing under a timeline. When I won and finished over 50,000 words in less than 30 days it gave me a boost, and give me a great feeling of accomplishment.

Please don't let the idea of failing stop you from trying to win Nano. Don't keep yourself from the lessons that are waiting there to be learned. It's fun, it's exciting, and at times it can be a little frustrating. But even if you don't finish and even if they don't manage to get us a free copy of our works printed it's still worth it, for what we can learn.

Run over to the web site. Sign up and get ready for the ride in November. Get caught up on your house work. Head out to the store and fill the freezer with fast, easy to cook TV dinners, so the family doesn't go hungry while your busy hammering out your next best seller.

Last but surely not least. Pray that the Lord will bless your efforts, pray that your writing will always be a witness and a blessing to others. Learn that your writing is a gift and that time is precious. If we can help even one person with a story we've written then isn't it worth it. Won't you be able to look back and say you tried, that you did your best, that you took your talent from off the shelf and put it to good use.

Run over to the web site HERE, and toss your hat into the ring. November will be here before you know it.