Monday, September 21, 2009

3 Columns verses 2 Columns

I've been playing around with my blog. I find it amazing that I was able to go inside and change the html thing ma boggles around so that I now have a three column template. When I found several that I could have down loaded but wasn't able to do this. I think the three columns look better though at times you have to scroll right to left to see the whole picture. It gives room for more gadgets and eventually adds.

I'm sure there are many pro's and cons to both templates. To me there is just something about making your own blog look more like your own creation. I love adding my own pictures and though it may not look as professional it does have that home made feel to it that I Love. I've seen many different templates, many that are free, some that cost anywhere from 5 bucks to 87 dollars. I still feel the need to make my own.

If you choose to take a template someone else has made of if you choose to do your own, I'm sure it will seem like your own perosanl home blog. There is so many gadgets we can add, and pictures we can post that even the most generic templates can end up looking like our own creation. So no matter what you choose be sure and get out there and blog up a storm.

I'm not feeling well today so this will be short and sweet. Prayers are appreciated... Happy Blogging...