Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gearing up for Nano

I've been excited and in the dumps at the same time about Nano, but I'm starting to feel the butterflies. I'm thinking it's time to start that mind to working on the ideas for my next nano adventure. It's so much fun at Christian Writers now with all the flurry of threads talking about Nano, and all the buzz about are you or are you not going to join in on the next Nano.

I've been slow and down in my back but I'm starting to feel better and i'm thinking what will I write about. Something new something old . . . I'm going with something old in a way. I'm going to revisit the characters from my last Nano. Well at least a few of them will be appearing in this year's Nano Attempt.

Yes even a two time winner as myself still has to think of it as an Attempt until you start seeing some of those serious words go down. You never know whats going to interupt you. A dog wanting to play, a mother wanting to talk, or maybe a husband wanting to eat. Even my cooking is better than no cooking. LOL!

So anyway here we go starting into the month of October it's time to start thinking, sitting with that deep stare on our face. Tapping that pencil on our chin and smiling and hurrying to write what comes to our mind. The leaves are starting to fall, the pond's lillies are slowly fading. Winter is appraoching and with winter comes Nano.

So get ready and lets put our heads in gear, turn off that TV and figrue out what we're going to write about. Nano is a lot of hard work, some stress, and a bucket full of fun. So ready ... set ... Nano!! We'll not just yet. We have to wait until midnight of October 31 rolls around then thats when we shut down our editor and began to create what we hope will be another notch on our belt, another Nano Badge, and one more free copy of what we hope some day will be a world best seller.

Hey we can dream

Nano Nano
Jacks Girl