Sunday, August 8, 2010

What does Sunday mean to you?

I hope that Sunday means a day of getting up early and going to church. I hope it means taking those children or grandchildren out to the House of God to help them learn what the meaning of life is all about. I hope that your Sundays are not wasted, on things that some day won't mean a hill of beans in the big scheme of things.

If you are one of those people that takes your kids to church, on Sunday, or if you teach your grand kids and children from home what the Lord is all about then good for you. I give you a huge A + for your valiant efforts.

If you are not one of those folks then for now you get a D-. I don't want to upset anyone, that's trying so hard to live their life and just get the dishes done.... but... One of these days you will look back at your children or grandchildren and wish you'd raised them in a Christian home.

Don't get me wrong even Christian kids can cause you trouble, but at least when you bring them up knowing the truth, the Bible says, you have a promise that is worth it's weight in Gold.

If we raise children up on the right path, teaching them when they are yet babes the old Bible stories, and that Jesus is the only way to a truly happy life, we have the promise that when the get old they will NOT DEPART from this path.

New International Version
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

Let me tell you that this is worth more than any day at the park, or a restful lazy Sunday where you kick back and do nothing...

I don't want to come off as sounding angry or irritated but I am. I see so many people today that are not taking their young kids to church, and to be very honest it's scary. How are they ever going to learn if you don't go out of your way to teach them. How are they ever going to know that you care if you don't show them.

Please, please consider taking your kids and grand kids to church or at the very least sit down with them once a week and read to them from the very most important book in the world. The Bible isn't just a book. It's God talking to us. How can we ignore this. AND even more important how can we feel as if we are doing right by our children if we don't go out of our way to show them what God means to us.

They can't read our minds, they only know what they see, or are taught, and trust me they are going to see so many terrible things in their little lives that they will need to have God in their life to make it.

I beg and plead you to not just read this and shrug it off. If you love your grand kids or kids, and I know you do. Please don't forget that they so much need to know who Jesus is. They need to be taught that once a week at the least we dedicate some time to the Father above. How can we ever expect to have our family's reunited together in heaven if we don't teach our Children about God.

So in closing, I can't stress enough that God put this on my heart today. It is as if he is speaking to you through my words... So listen to what I feel he is urging me to type.

Teach your Children who I am, teach them that I love them. That many years ago I came down to this earth and died so that they could have a home with me. I died so they could live, I bore the stripes so they could be healed, I took their pain so they could have peace, I was lifted to that cruel cross I took on their sins,

I died for them so that they could live again, don't forget me, don't leave me out of your life, don't let your children grow up without me in their hearts, and minds. I love you and need you to teach them about me, I can give them peace and love when the world turns it's cruel back on them.

Show them who i am, and teach them, so they can know that I am God, and that I am always with them even to the end of the world.

Know me, come to me, and sup with me, and I will give you peace that even the world can not understand.

Please, I ask so little in return for what I gave, but one day i will judge this world and the people in it, and you will want the blood applied to your life and the lives of your children, don't waste any precious time, every day is a blessing, so learn about me, that I am good. and you will be set free from death sin and the grave.