Friday, January 28, 2011

A little Romance for everyone. Valentines day is just around the corner.. Buy Street Justice Charlie's Angel for your sweetheart..

Scene from chapter 18

The sound of the front door closing brought her out of her thoughts. She turned to see Angel walking to his makeshift bed. He laid his phone on the table and started taking off his shirt. She realized he had no idea she was there.

He stopped, took off his belt and sat down. She turned her back and looked out the window. She figured he’d lie down and go to sleep but a few seconds later, she felt his hand on her shoulder.

“Are you trying to become a peeping tom?” His tone was low and playful.

“No, I am not.” She didn’t want to turn and meet his gaze, so she spoke, not thinking how it would sound. “I’m just enjoying the view.”

“That’s what all peeping toms say,” Angel whispered and Charlie had to laugh.

“I didn’t mean that view, I meant this view,” she gestured out the window.

“Then why won’t you turn and look at me?” His tone mocked her and she could feel how close he was.

“I was thinking about speaking, but then you started . . . I never meant to . . .

“I know what you mean. I’m fully dressed. You can turn around.”

Slowly she did as he said, not sure how far he would take his teasing games. Thankfully, all his clothes were on, but his shirt was unbuttoned. In the moonlight, she could see the beginning of a tattoo on his left shoulder.

It had her attention and she started to reach up and push his shirt back, but stopped. She realized she was beginning to feel way to comfortable with this young man. She caught herself and pointed, “How long have you had the tattoo?”

“Close to five years. I wasn’t thinking clearly. I’d just bought my first Harley, and let’s just say . . . I did a little too much celebrating.”

“So you don’t get a new tattoo every time you get a new bike?”

“No. One tattoo’s enough.”

“What about the bike? Did it fair as well as the tattoo?”

Angel raised a brow. “I guess. It’s got some scratches, but I still have it, and it runs good.”

“What kind of tattoo is it? A bike?” Charlie could see the amusement in his eyes as he moved into the moonlight and pulled the corner of his shirt back to reveal a sword.

Charlie stepped closer, bit her bottom lip, and then spoke, “Wow! I bet that hurt.”

“It did. That’s the reason I only have one.” Angel turned loose of his shirt and smiled. “You can stay and watch the view as long as you like, but I need to get some sleep.”

Charlie didn’t want the moment to end, and when she spoke Angel turned, looking at her. “I’ve seen many things since I’ve came to this town. Some good some bad, but there’s a few things I just can’t forget.”

Angel raised a brow, he would know she was flirting with him but she didn’t care. She smiled and spoke, reaching out with both hands to tug lightly on his open shirt. “Some things in this city are just so incredible, you want to save the memory so you can look at in your mind, over and over again. I have a few favorites locked away,” she closed her eyes for a second and smiled, then opened them and looked at him.

“Well?” he mused.

“Picture perfect.” Charlie turned loose of the shirt and considered kissing Angel, then decided she was going to wait him out. “Good night, Angel.”