Thursday, February 3, 2011

A snippet from chapter 19

Rico was amazed at Charlie’s comments. He leaned back, wondering if she was telling the truth. “You’re trying to tell me you’re not angry with me? I blackmailed you into going on that date. I threatened to call off your dad’s surgery.”

“But you didn’t.” Charlie smiled, and Rico nodded, he didn’t want to admit he forgot all about it. The door opened and Rico was glad for the interruption.

Jerry stepped in and came over, placing his hands on Charlie’s shoulders. “Is my son boring you?”

“No. He can be a charmer when he wants to be.”

Rico smiled and glanced at his dad. “I was thinking of asking Charlie if she wanted to have a night cap.” Rico knew Charlie didn’t drink but he wanted to irritate his dad and much to his surprise, his dad smiled.

“She doesn’t drink, son, but she might allow you a cup of coffee or a late supper.” Jerry patted Charlie on the shoulder and stepped back to look her in the eye. “I’ve got a late supper to go to, but I’ll leave Angel here to drive you two home. You can talk as long as you like. Let Angel know when you’re ready to go.”

“I’ll take you up on that offer, considering I paid his salary last week,” Rico said, forcing a smile at his Dad.


Jerry laughed and stepped out, pulling the door closed. He walked over to where Angel was sitting at the end of the bar. The young man was nice, and though Angel liked Charlie, Jerry was going to do everything he could to keep them apart. He was going to do some matchmaking between Rico and Charlie. He put his hand on Angel’s shoulder and the young man looked up. There was anger smoldering in those brown eyes and it wasn’t going to get any better.

“Rico and Charlie aren’t finished yet. I want you to wait here and drive Charlie home. Of course, if they want to go out, take them where ever they want to go.”

“Yes sir.”

Angel’s tone was low and Jerry knew he should feel sorry for the young man, but all he could think of at the moment was his own flesh and blood. He stepped back and forced a smile as he spoke. “I’ll see you in the morning.” Jerry took out his cell phone, called a cab and five minutes later he was gone.