Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Snippet from chapter 20

“Well, I’m ready to go to the apartment. Rico said he’d be out in a minute.” Charlie glanced over her shoulder, and looked back when Angel spoke.

“Were you guys working on something for Jerry?” Angel started to lift the bottle to his lips, but when Charlie spoke he stopped, setting the bottle on the counter.

“No, just chatting. Jerry wanted me to talk to Rico, to see what he thought about his dad’s new ideas.”

“So this was Jerry’s idea?” Angel felt somewhat relieved and a bit of his anger was transferred to Jerry. So the man wanted to do some matchmaking. Well, he needed to leave Charlie alone. Angel took a quick drink and then looked up.

“Of course, it wasn’t my idea.” Charlie wrinkled her nose as if she smelled something bad, but then laughed. “I know I’m supposed to love everyone, but I can barely tolerate that man.”

Angel reached and gave a gentle tug on the gold cross hanging from a chain around Charlie’s neck. “I recall you saying in Bible study that you were supposed to love your neighbor as yourself.”

Charlie pulled the cross from his grasp and laughed. “I try, but some people are easier to love than others, but either way, I do my best to not show a partiality.”

“That’s obvious.” Angel turned, leaning on the bar; his tone was short and his anger was returning.

Charlie reached out and placed her hand on Angel’s shoulder. “Have you been sitting here thinking I’d rather be with Rico than with you?”