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Interview with the founder of Smashwords

Check out an interview with the founder of a new Smashwords forum. Thanks.

Snippet from chapter 31 Enjoy. Angel is really torn in this one.. what will he do?

Angel could feel Charlie slipping through his fingers, and he didn’t like it. How did he handle this? He sat rubbing his thumb across the back of her hand, trying to think of what to say.
Charlie spoke, not giving him much time. “Angel, why were you snooping in Rico’s papers? What were you looking for?”
Angel looked up quickly. “Who do you trust more, me or Rico?”
“You, of course. I don’t trust Rico at all.”
“Smart girl. Keep it that way.”
“I’ll try, but if there’s something going on, I need to know what it is.”
Angel nodded. “It’s complicated.”
“I’m sure it is, but I don’t want to say the wrong thing and get you in trouble. I’ve never seen Rico get angry, but I have a feeling he’s got an extreme temper.”
“He does, and I don’t want it directed at you.”
“Then tell me what’s going on.” Charlie pleaded.
Angel shook his head at the predicament in which he found himself. “You don’t know what you’re asking.”
“You may be right, but I don’t want to get in front of Rico or Jerry and say something I shouldn’t.”
Angel sighed. What should he do? Tell Charlie the truth so she would know exactly what she was dealing with, or should he leave her wondering and take a chance that she wouldn’t say the wrong thing?

“We don’t know each other well, but you can trust me.” Charlie’s tone was low, and Angel knew she wouldn’t lie.
“What would you do if I told you I was stealing from Rico, or spying on him for a competitor?” Angel noticed Charlie didn’t pull her hand away; instead she rested her hand over his.
“I would let you know I don’t approve, and that you should consider the danger you're putting yourself in.”
“You wouldn’t tell Jerry so he could protect his son?”
“No. Rico’s a big boy. He knows what he’s doing. Besides, Jerry’s facing some issues of his own. He’s thinking about taking the businesses back from Rico to take away some of his power.”
“When?” Angel straightened in the seat knowing this could cause him problems.
“I don’t know.”
“Great, that’s all I need, another roadblock.” Angel looked at Charlie, an idea coming to him. “Hey, Jerry listens to you. Do you think you could talk him out of doing anything to Rico for a couple of weeks?”
“Maybe. I’m not sure.”
“I don’t want you to say anything that would make him ask questions, but I need things to stay as they are.”
“Why? How can it hurt things if Rico loses some of his clubs or his money? Are you afraid you’ll lose your job?”
“No.” Angel sighed placing two fingers on his temple and then he nodded, thinking this was his only way out. Angel took Charlie’s hand in his, kissed it, then looked her straight in the eye, “You can not repeat what I’m about to say . . . to anyone. Not Jerry, not Rico, no one can know. This will be our secret.”
“I understand.”
“I’m not sure you do. We can only talk about this in private. If I ever shake my head no, or change the subject, you must do as I say.”
“I will

“Good, because if you don’t, my life could be in danger.”
“Angel?” Charlie closed her eyes but quickly opened them when he spoke.
“If the information I’m about to tell you gets to anyone, especially Rico, it could cost me my life.”

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