Friday, June 15, 2012

My New Office

My New Office.

I wanted to share my new office with my followers. I love to spend time outside, but I hate bugs, and I didn't like not having a nice table for my laptop. so we went shopping.  There was also a good reason to get a gazebo for me, miss forgetful.  A few weeks I was working outside in my swing, and it started to storm.  Well, when it storms the dogs go nuts, and I forgot all about my poor little laptop. It was out in the rain all night.

I know my new office is not a good excuse to leave my laptop out in the back yard, but if I'd had this, a month ago I'll bet my laptop wouldn't have even gotten wet. By the way everyone told me that my laptop was done for, I might as well toss it out. True it wouldn't come on, it wouldn't boot up, and it was pretty much dead.

I took it inside let it dry out for a few days.I told all my friends about what I'd done, some said to bury it in rice, but I didn't have that much rice. I contacted our local computer store East Ky Computer Sales and Service and they told me what to do. For a few days I was to let it just sit.  Take out the battery, and see if it would dry out. It was hard to not go in there over and over and try it, but I didn't.

I think it was about four days, when I finally decided to just go plug it in again, and see if it would come on. Thankfully, and of course after saying a prayer I plugged it in and sat down waiting. It was a bit slow but thank GOD it finally came on. It taught me a very valuable lessons and hopefully I won't leave my laptop out in the rain again, but with me it's really hard to tell.

Samantha Fury
Author of The Street Justice Series Tell next time