Wednesday, June 20, 2012

50,000 Words in a month?

How many of you have ever entered a contest?

Well, NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) is a writing contest. Thousands of writers and authors participate, play, and persevere through the month-long challenge - including many of the Indie Authors show guests.

I normally enter this contest in November, so to be honest, I don't know much about the June version. I do know the contest is all about writing and trying to write 50,000 in a month.

Win Prizes and Pride through NaNoWriMo

I've entered and won this contest in November about four times. Each time in November, I have won a prize. Four years in a row, I won a free book for participating and winning the contest. Now, of course, there is no way for the good NaNoWriMo folks to know if you are cheating or not, but they hope that you won't.

Words, Words, Words

It's not easy to write 50,000 words in a month, but it can be done. For me now it comes down to a contest against my last year's record. I try to get in one really good day with about 7000 words, so if I have a bad day, I don't get so far behind. Last year I hit 9000 words in a 24 hour period. I was stoked.

I don't think I had ever written that many words in one day. I also don't know if I will ever beat that record or not, but you can bet that I will do my best when November comes around.

June Challenge

As I said, this is NaNoWriMo in June, so I'm not sure that I will do as well at this time of the year. There are gardens to tend, grass to mow, and dogs that want to go outside and play in the grass, but I'm going to try. I'm not doing great so far, but I hope to get going soon and get some serious word counts out there.

I will add that this writing is supposed to be on a brand new story that you have never written about before. You can get writing buddies, and have word wars, and it can really be great fun. I'll be sure and let you know how I do this month. Right now, I'm just up to 7000 words.

I haven't been writing that much yet, and I must say that the fact that I don't know if there will be a prize at the end, has affected my word count. Last year the contest rewarded winners 5 free books from the company CreateSpace. Did I mention NaNoWriMo can be life changing?

This small contest is what got me started on the road to self publishing in 2009, and I'm so thankful for a good friend Tommie Lyn, who talked me into entering the contest, and to NaNoWriMo and CreateSpace for running and sponsoring the contest. Winning that first free book showed me that I, too, could self-publish and be an author, so for that, I'm very thankful.

Samantha Fury
Author of the Street Justice Series
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