Friday, October 5, 2012

Christian Indie Authors

Want to join the CIA
Before you get all excited, it's not really the CIA as in the government office. Instead it's Christian Indie Authors.  We are a group of authors that just love to write Christian Fiction. 

CIA has a great website and we are growing every month. We offer a place for each of our Authors to post an Image, Link, and brief comments about their work.  Check it out Here    We have Romance - Women's Fiction, Young Adult Authors,    Children's Authors and everything in between.  Fantasy, Thriller, Non fiction, Crime Drama, and more. 

Most of our day to day conversations take place on our busy Facebook group.  We are 103 members and growing every week.  We welcome advertising of your new books, of your blogs, of questions about anything to do with writing.  Though we are all Christians we don't normally discuss religion, but we don't shy from questions that anyone might have, especially if it has to do with their Novel. We have documents too, for sharing our links samples of our work, and we often have Like My page, Tag my book sessions.  We are very supportive of our members.

Covers Artist
Our Christian Indie Cover Design Facebook group was created for the Christian Author that is trying to find an Artist for their Cover.  It's a way of connecting Authors and Artists.  It's very important that we have the best cover possible so if you're in need of a Cover Artist, or if your an Artist that wants to join, check us out.

You don't have to be a Christian to be one of our Artist, but you must be willing to not advertise any images, be it your profile image or a image you share, beyond anything of a pg13.  We have on the website a Pre-made cover section where you can offer images.  There is also a page where we advertise for our Cover Artist, and you as an Artist can show off covers you've made for other Authors.  

Christian Indie Editing Service  is a brand new group.  We are small right now, with only 19 members but I expect that this group will grow also. There is also a place for our Editors on our website, here.  You're more than welcome to join this group, if you are looking for an editor or you do editing.

We're open to allowing Sponsors. Right now you can join us for free.  If you have a product we think would be good for our Writers, then we'll post a link and an image and a small feature about your site or product.

Christian Indie Authors Daily Paper
The CIA paper is filled daily with blogs and book trailers from our Christian Authors.  Please feel free to subscribe.  We can carry about 25 blogs a day in the paper, and we are very fair about letting our authors have spots in the daily paper.  

Ever Changing Group
We are always growing or changing, so please check back often.  We are all about the Christian Indie so if you've been writing for years, or if you are just starting, you will find a place here among other authors just as yourself.  The best way to contact us is through our Face Book Group Here.

Samantha Fury
President and Owner of Christian Indie Authors

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nano - Forum Threads and Face Book Group

I love Nano
You may ask why do I love Nano and promote it so much.  Well, I'll tell you.  It's what started my path to self publishing.  Most of the time if you complete the contest you win a free proof of the book that you worked on that year.  I won the contest. I typed 50 thousands works in the month of November on a brand new story that I had never worked on. Once I uploaded my word count to the Nano site, I won, and I got my proof.

Create Space 
I can not guarantee that Create Space will once again sponsor a free proof at the end of the contest but they have for the last for years.  They normally wait until the contest is over and then they will announce that the winners will receive a free proof of their winning Novel.  This past year Create Space offered us 5 free proofs.  Yes I said 5.  That was shipping and all for those of us in the States.

Two places to join in on the fun

Indie Authors 

Nano Face book Group

Official Nana Word Count Thread
This will be on the Indie Authors Forum.  Come in and join in on the fun and see what your fellow Nano Authors are doing.  There will also be lots of chatting and cheering sections if you need some help. Then there will also be the Word Count thread, were each of us can post our daily word counts.  In that thread there will be no chatting just counting.

Indie Authors Face book Group
I'm sure there will be word counts tossed about here too, but the forum is best to keep up with a daily word count.  If you have a competitive nature as I do, you will want to see what others are doing on the forum.  Then I'll also check in on what everyone is doing on the face book group.  Hearing their goals for the day and how they are enjoying or hating their nano experience.

Nano Preparation 
Come join us on the forum or the face book group if you want to learn more about Nano or how to get ready for Nano. I also suggest that some people love and do better with a support group.  It can really help when you are not getting the word counts that you need.  Drop by and say hello!

Samantha Fury
Nano Head.. lol

Monday, October 1, 2012

My Wattpadd Fans

Free book offer
If you're one of my faithful readers on wattpad, from now until December 25th, I'm offering a coupon for the entire book Street Justice Charlie's Angel on Smashwords.  You'll just need to contact me through my website to get the free book coupon.  I know I've had lots of reads so I'm hoping some of my fans will take me up on this offer.  Just go to my website and click the Email Samantha and I'll get you that Smash Coupon in your email.

I think Wattpad is a great website where you can upload samples of your work. I just love the kids over there, they are so supportive of each other.  Some of them are very talented when it comes to making covers.  If you're a member be sure and look me up and we can fan each other. If you're an Author and you'd like to share some of your work just head over to Wattpadd.  I always warn folks just beware it is mostly teens so rate your work accordingly.

Book Trailer
There is even a place for you to share your book trailer if you have one.  I just uploaded my trailer today I think it will help to get the attention of more readers.  I will have to change the trailer when I get the new cover uploaded but for now this is still the Official Trailer for Charlie's Angel

Reads - Votes  - Comments 
I've had over 500 reads and considering I don't upload the whole book to the site, that's really good.  I have updated just today and now there is 28 free chapters, and that offer of a free read from Smash until December 25th is my Christmas Present to my fans and readers.

Fan Me
It's not a requirement to get the free book, but I will appreciate it very much and who knows I might be hosting some drawings for a free read for the Second book in the series Tidal Wave at some point.  I do appreciate my Fans and would love to hear from you. 

Contact Me.
If you'd like to send me an email just go to my website and click on this link and go to the Email Samantha. 

Till next time
Samantha Fury

Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Sales Slump

Crashing Sales
I've heard from so many authors that this month has been bad for them.  It really shocked me when I checked in and seen how low my sales were.  I checked as I always did and there was that BBOS.  The brown bar of shame, that we all see at the first of the month.  You might not call it that, but if you're an author you've seen it, and you may have even kept checking back to see when that first sale of the month comes in. 

Down Down Down 
My sales over the months have been anything from 50 books to 80 books so when I checked in this month and I kept seeing that brown bar of shame, and low sales I started asking. Is my run over. Is this it?  Well, that is yet to be seen, but I have heard from many authors saying their sales were down.  Some of the Authors that have been doing this for a while say that sales are always down in September.

Sorry folks, but I don't have one.  I could guess. Maybe it had something to do with School, Fall Activities, and folks generally trying to save money. I said on one of my FaceBook groups Indie Authors Unite, that maybe people finally realized that gas was almost 5 dollars a gallon and they decided they needed to cut back somewhere.

Final Numbers 
Tonight, the last day of the month I hit 17 books for my final sales for September.  I don't think I've hit this low in over a year, but that is the way the cookie crumbles, or the ebook crumbles. Now on to next month, and we'll see what happens.  If I have another bad month like this one, I'll drop Charlie's Angel back down to .99 cents and see if that spurs sales once again. I'm hoping this is just a September slump that will end tonight at midnight. 

Maybe October will bring more treats than tricks. 

Talk soon
Samantha Fury