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Welcome to our Blog Hop. Our Valentines day blog hop is all about love. It's about God's love, Romance, you'll just have to hop from blog to blog to see what our other great authors are talking about and what they're giving away.

In love with Love
I have always been in love with the idea of being in love. When I was a kid I was crazy about little Jimmy from Puff & Stuff. I didn't know how to write novels or stories then so I just played with my imaginary friends.  Mom had to set a plate for Jimmy, had to talk to him, I'm sure I drove her crazy. I had no idea what love was I just knew I enjoyed pretending that I was a part of Jimmy's world.

As I grew up things didn't change and at the age of 8 I wrote my first story, it wasn't called, The Day The Sky Turned Green. Now it would be labeled Sci Fi.  I guess my interest in sci-fi and fantasy came early.  I also hadn't forgotten about cute guys and romance. This was easily seen in the shows I loved.  Land of the Lost and Holly's cute brother, then later on Captain Kirk on Star Trek.


A Fan of Romance Romance has been a part of me as long as I can recall. I love romance! Movies, novels, Bible stories. I love the story of Rachel and Jacob.  I love songs about Romance. Toby Keith is known for his drinking songs, but he has some of the best love aching, my heart's breaching songs around.

I think we all, married, single, old and gray, will have our favorite Romance stories we think back on. They may be something personal or it could be a favorite novel like Pride and Prejudice, or a movie like You've got Mail or a favorite Soap or TV show. I think many of my generation was hooked on Bo and Hope.

Soap Opera Blues
Days of our lives was a part of what brought on my romance writing. I don't recall what storyline it was, maybe Bo & Hope, but whatever, I didn't like the way things were going so I started writing things the way I wanted to see them go.  I had the habit for most of my life, of  pretending or telling myself stories, but I'd never started writing them down on paper.

I found it amazing how much I enjoyed writing and everything I wrote was about the perfect couple falling in love.  I like happy endings, and I love reliving first kisses.  It's so much fun to fall in love over and over. That's what romance authors do, we love falling in love, and we love writing about it.

Reality Check
I will say you must have a reality check, and don't ever expect your husband or boyfriend, to match the cute handsome, can do no wrong, men we write about.  Real life can be romantic but its' not as perfect as writers make it out to be.  Men can be loving, but they can also be a pain, and not only can they cause you to fall in love but they can break your heart right into.

It's good to have a reality check and pull our noses out of those books and take a hard long look at the men in our life, smile and know that they are not the perfect Martin Taylor or Angel Morganson that I like to write about. They are human and they are not going to hug us at the right moment. They are not going to brag about how good supper was if we burnt it, and they are not always going to want to hold our hand and kiss us when we cry.

Love Is 
I think if you understand Romance is entertainment, a way to escape and not something that we should compare our real life to, you'll be okay. I love romance and I love falling in love over and over, but I  understand there are limits and rules that we as Christians should abide by.  We are to also read the Bible along with those romance novels we love.

We are to treat our husbands with respect and love them even when they are not perfect, and we are to not focus too much on things we can't have, but learn to enjoy our real life and the gifts God has given us. 

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