Sunday, November 23, 2014

What are you Thankful for?

Thanksgiving Blog Hop

 What are you Thankful for?

I'm thankful for my relationship with Christ. I love my family, husband and my friends. I'm thankful for the gift of writing, and for the gift of eternal life. Although I'm a writer I'm a visual person so I'd like to share some  pictures I took this year. 

January started with snow. There were moments of boredom for some, and a few new visitors on our front porch some of them very happy for brunch oh yes and new coats for the boys.

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As spring came the beauty once again was reborn. I loved every flower. the yellow forsythias and Easter flowers and grape hysethieas remind me of my, Granny, who did her best to teach me about poetry and flowers among many other things. The violets reminds me of a feisty departed aunt from Texas. 

The fish and the pond were beautiful. Some of these fish are over ten years old.

We had lots of animals and reptiles and several puppies.

 This next section is all about skies. I love the evening sky and the beauty that God allows us to see and experience. 

 The last one is my boys I am very thankful for them too!
Thanks much for dropping by if you want to see some of the other blogs and what my friends were thankful for click on the image at the top. A couple of them are having some giveaways. 

 Feel free to comment in the blocks below to give some thanks of your own. I hope you all have a great thanksgiving!! 

I'm thankful for the eyes God gave me to see
I'm thankful for the person he made me to be
I want my life to bless each and everyone
I want to share God's truths, His one and only Son

Christ came to earth so that we all could live
His blood He did shed eternal life to give
I'm thankful for the cross the blood and the plan
Thankful for that gift from the Son of Man 

Thankful that he came and died on that tree
Though the pain was great he did it all for me
No greater gift could a Father ever give
Then through the death of one, to show us how to live

Blessings Samantha Fury