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Christian Indie Authors Network (CIAN)

Christian Indie Authors Network

What is CIAN?
CIAN stands for Christian Indie Authors Network. In Oct of 2010 Samantha Fury created a forum for self-published authors, and that group started coining the phrase CIA. That forum lead to Facebook groups, a website, and more.

There are several CIA groups on Facebook now so we’ve gone a step beyond to try and distinguish from the many groups. We were the original CIA and we’re grateful many others have followed in our footsteps. CIAN is growing every day and we have gone from one small forum to a network of groups and we welcome others to join us and come grow with CIAN. You can start learning about CIAN at our Portal Entry Group Here.
Portal Group
What is a Portal Entry Group? It is a group where you can learn more about our other CIAN groups. We have many to pick from. Our main group had to go secret years ago when too many people wanted to join who were not Christian or just interested in posting advertising. Once a group becomes well known Facebook finds a way to promote you. So we made the main group secret to protect the family atmosphere of Christians sharing and learning from each other. We created the Portal Group so people could still find out about all our groups.

Our Mission CIAN has many groups, some Christian only, some clean, ranging from Cover and Blurb help to Marketing to Editing. We have a weekly online paper. We have a growing Readers group. We have one of the largest Christian Indie Authors websites online. We're working on a “members only” side to the site. We hope to have our Christian Writers’ Academy open soon, with free and members only resources. Our mission is to help Christian Indie Authors be a light in a dark place.

Why join CIAN?
You may wonder: Why would I need to join an online group? What good will it do me? Speaking from my own experience, had it not been for my online Christian friends, I would not even know that self-publishing existed. At this point we’ve heard almost every question before. But we are more than happy to repeat the answers new authors need to hear as many times as needed.

At CIAN we share our problems. We are not just people in a group. We are more like an online family. We care about each other, we pray for each other, and we are there when someone needs advice, prayer, or just a friend. CIAN wants to be a blessing to the Christian Indie Author. We want to teach, guide, and help. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to learn more about self publishing, or are with a small press and need help learning how to market your books. Come check us out. Come grow with Christian Indie Authors!

Look for more articles about CIAN coming soon
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Samantha Fury is the author of  the Street Justice Series
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She operates several Indie Groups. Editing Services, Cover Artist, 
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