Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Author Central Page: Being a good Author 101

Author Central Page 

Being a good Author 101

About me: Lesson 1
Where do you start with teaching people more about who you are, well lets start with the Author Central Page on Amazon.  It's a great place for people to get the basic information about who you are. Amazon allows us to edit several areas of our AC page so let's start with the basics of, how will people find my AC (author central) page.  

The first place people find you is on your book pages. If they scroll past the description and reviews they will see you're page. I will say that many authors don't upload an image or connect their books and this hurts your chances to reach readers. Here is what it should look like with your smiling face and part of your bio.

Another way is for you to just share and advertise your AC page. There is a link for your Author Central page and it will look like this, with your information of course.  just like this no .com or anything. Type it into your browser and it should direct you to your page. If for some reason this does not take you to your AC page sign in. HERE. Once on your Author Central page click on the Amazon Author Page. 

Once on your AC editing page you will find the share buttons in the top right hand corner.  You can copy and paste or share right from this spot. Click on the little pencil and it will show you how to add your AC page to your emails. From this point you can also share on Facebook and Twitter but so far I can't get it to share my image. I changed my image today and that could be the reason.
From this page here you can edit many things. You can edit your bio, add blog feeds, add your twitter account, photos, videos, and events. Today I just added two new blog feeds so I know you can at least add three maybe more.

I will say the most important part about an AC page is to have some good images . Be sure your image are not dark and please don't use a selfie. Find a friend or a cousin to take some pictures of you. Outside images are great. I personally think that if you have a pet that getting a good pro looking image with your pet makes you look friendly. People love pets. Again, this is a business, so think of it that way you don't want a dark image of you inside the house by the Christmas tree. You want the best image you can get. My dogs are a part of my branding so I use them as often as possible.

Just to recap. Good images, add your twitter feed, your blog feed, do you have an Event coming up, do you have a book trailer, or an interview that you can up load. Also at the bottom there is a discussion thread where you can talk about your books.  If you want to work on your AC page start here.

I hope that you've found this helpful. This is Samantha Fury the founder of the CIA groups and website, so please if you need a good home group or you need editing, or cover design, or you just want to learn from authors that have been doing this for years come join our groups. Also consdier coming to the first Christian Indie Authors Network conference. It's being hosted by some great authors.

Addition 6/23/2015
I'd like to add that I've noticed of late that many authors don't have their AC connected properly I don't know if this is an issue with Amazon or what, but when you click on your name on any of your book pages it should like to your Author Central page. I've not figured this problem out but if your name does not take your readers to your AC page something is not working right, so please contact amazon. And always make sure that when you release a new book that you sign in and add the new books to your list of books.

Thanks for joining me today and feel free to comment if you've found this helpful or if I missed some key point to making our AC pages the best they can be.

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