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Voice Dream Reader a great Author app

Every now and then you fall in love with a new app. Well, this is the one you write home to mother about.

I hope I can keep your attention, because you're going to want to run out and grab this app. I will warn you this app is 9.99 a one time fee but it's worth it. True there is a lot of apps that are free but they won't work this well. Also, just a note, I'm not making any money at all from this. I just love to share about a great app when I find one that works this well. 

This app is for you. If you have drop box this app will work
even better than ever. I keep most of my books in progress in Dropbox.  When I'm bored, or can't sleep, or just want to do an audio edit of one  of my books I pick up the phone and open the Voice Dream app.

Joey Voice from Ivona
With this app you can pick from many great voices, or you can buy a couple of your favorites. I love the Joey Voice from Ivona and have purchased it for my Next up for Pc Text to Speech software, but on this app it's having a few issues, so I went with another male voice.

I've contacted the developers of the app and they hope to get Joey fixed and I hope they do he's my all time favorite. But, since Joey's broke for now I picked out another premium voice.  Tyler, from Acapela he's a male voice with a bit of an accent but after a while your mind takes over and Tyler's voice seems to morph into any character in your story.

I often use apps like this to edit with, but never have I found one that works so well. Most of the time you have to turn the file into a mp3, and then download it to your phone, but this time it reads right from the file and you don't have to stop for chapters it will read the whole book to you.

Not for Commercial Use
Though I don't think there is anyway to turn these files into MP3 on the phone these voices that come on this app can not be used for commercial use. Though trust me they read well enough and would be great for audio books.  I have two of these voices also on Next up and it says in the tos that you can't use their voices in any way for commercial use without paying a HEFTY license fee, but you can use it daily and it will be a great help. Maybe you need to do an audio edit, or maybe you just enjoy listening to your own books in audio form. Either way you will not beat this app. It will cost you a one time fee of 9.99 but to me it is well worth the money.

There is a timer, you can have it play from 15 minutes to 60 minutes or have it start automatically.  Just don't fall asleep with the phone on, or you might wake with a nice red mark on your neck. And of course I've never done this. Well, maybe. :)
There are book marks and highlights and Chapters.  If the voice is reading too fast you can slow it down or speed it up. It comes with about 6 free voices and one premium voice.  It can connect to drop box, and I also see  google drive and I see Bookshare, Pocket and Instapaper though I don't have those platforms.  It came with Pride and Prejudice loaded in the memory though I don't know if the whole book is there or not.

You can sort your books by Recent, Add Date, Title, Author, Size, you can also search. You can read along with it to and change your font size.

I can't say enough good things about this app, and I'm sure it does thing's I've not even learned yet,  but please do check it out. If you're an author and you like to edit with audio, or just listen to your own stories while you clean house, or go to sleep you have to save your pennies and buy this app. If you have any questions just ask, and check back in a few days to this post and I'll have a few more helpful blog tips about voices to pick and the Nextup Software for your pc.

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