Friday, July 26, 2019

Jason Tobias Interview Part Two

Our first interview with Jason Tobias, was a huge hit.  He's been on many covers and will soon grace my new cover.  Here is the exciting part two of the interview. :) 

Check it out and look for more Interviews!!!

Part One Model
Part Two Actor 
Part Three The Man

Over the next few months I'll be hosting interviews with those in and around the Indie Business of Self Publishing.  We may interview a model. a photographer, or a musician.  We'll be reaching out to editors, artist, actors, and authors anyone that plays a hand in our huge publishing industry. 

It is our goal to reach out to those in our business, be a light and share our faith with those in and around the Publishing Industry

All of our guests may not be Christians, but they are willing to share a part of their life with us and we hope that by sharing and showing them the Love of Christ that we'll make a difference in our industry one person at a time.