Monday, October 1, 2012

My Wattpadd Fans

Free book offer
If you're one of my faithful readers on wattpad, from now until December 25th, I'm offering a coupon for the entire book Street Justice Charlie's Angel on Smashwords.  You'll just need to contact me through my website to get the free book coupon.  I know I've had lots of reads so I'm hoping some of my fans will take me up on this offer.  Just go to my website and click the Email Samantha and I'll get you that Smash Coupon in your email.

I think Wattpad is a great website where you can upload samples of your work. I just love the kids over there, they are so supportive of each other.  Some of them are very talented when it comes to making covers.  If you're a member be sure and look me up and we can fan each other. If you're an Author and you'd like to share some of your work just head over to Wattpadd.  I always warn folks just beware it is mostly teens so rate your work accordingly.

Book Trailer
There is even a place for you to share your book trailer if you have one.  I just uploaded my trailer today I think it will help to get the attention of more readers.  I will have to change the trailer when I get the new cover uploaded but for now this is still the Official Trailer for Charlie's Angel

Reads - Votes  - Comments 
I've had over 500 reads and considering I don't upload the whole book to the site, that's really good.  I have updated just today and now there is 28 free chapters, and that offer of a free read from Smash until December 25th is my Christmas Present to my fans and readers.

Fan Me
It's not a requirement to get the free book, but I will appreciate it very much and who knows I might be hosting some drawings for a free read for the Second book in the series Tidal Wave at some point.  I do appreciate my Fans and would love to hear from you. 

Contact Me.
If you'd like to send me an email just go to my website and click on this link and go to the Email Samantha. 

Till next time
Samantha Fury

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