Sunday, September 30, 2012

September Sales Slump

Crashing Sales
I've heard from so many authors that this month has been bad for them.  It really shocked me when I checked in and seen how low my sales were.  I checked as I always did and there was that BBOS.  The brown bar of shame, that we all see at the first of the month.  You might not call it that, but if you're an author you've seen it, and you may have even kept checking back to see when that first sale of the month comes in. 

Down Down Down 
My sales over the months have been anything from 50 books to 80 books so when I checked in this month and I kept seeing that brown bar of shame, and low sales I started asking. Is my run over. Is this it?  Well, that is yet to be seen, but I have heard from many authors saying their sales were down.  Some of the Authors that have been doing this for a while say that sales are always down in September.

Sorry folks, but I don't have one.  I could guess. Maybe it had something to do with School, Fall Activities, and folks generally trying to save money. I said on one of my FaceBook groups Indie Authors Unite, that maybe people finally realized that gas was almost 5 dollars a gallon and they decided they needed to cut back somewhere.

Final Numbers 
Tonight, the last day of the month I hit 17 books for my final sales for September.  I don't think I've hit this low in over a year, but that is the way the cookie crumbles, or the ebook crumbles. Now on to next month, and we'll see what happens.  If I have another bad month like this one, I'll drop Charlie's Angel back down to .99 cents and see if that spurs sales once again. I'm hoping this is just a September slump that will end tonight at midnight. 

Maybe October will bring more treats than tricks. 

Talk soon
Samantha Fury


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Thanks again
Samantha Fury