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So you've been told you have Tinnitus

I'm putting this blog out there again I hope it helps someone

There are 4 Installments in this series the links will be below. 

Part 1
Tinnitus: Been there done that!

This article is important and so that I don't rush this topic it will be posted over a three day period. If you suffer from Tinnitus please check back and read all three articles. Especially if you are new to this difficult obstacle.

You’re sitting in the doctor’s chair looking around at all the fancy degrees hanging on the wall. You’ve been examined, possibly had a hearing test, and you’re waiting for the doctor to come in and tell you in what great way he’s going to fix your problem.

The door opens, he sits down and looks you in the eye. He smiles, shrugs, and says there’s nothing he can do to help you. He tells you that your best option is to turn the radio up loud enough to cover up the sounds in your head.

You go home, irritated, and disappointed, after paying the good doctor, and for what? You wrote him out a check so he could tell you; he can’t do anything for you.

Causes of Tinnitus
I'm not a doctor, but I have learned that Tinnitus is more than likely caused from being exposed to loud sounds for over a period of time. I spent 18 years in an 18-wheeler. I sure wish I'd known that I should have been protecting my ears. Wearing ear plugs could have kept me from this obstacle called Tinnitus. I shake my head when I see young kids at NASCAR events, or riding with that pounding music and pity them for what they are doing to their hearing. If they could just understand what it can do to you; they would stop abusing their hearing. I will discuss causes more in the second article.

Moving on!
I'm sure you are wondering. What happens now. First of all, if you don’t believe in God and prayer you should. The only way I know to truly overcome this problem, long term, is a good dose of the following.
Fasting &
A general belief that … through God …all things are possible!!!

Everyone may not have the same effects. Everyone may not battle for two years to adjust to this new way of living. Some people may not even notice or care. I did.
I had a huge problem learning to live in my body as it was now. I overcame this with God's help. Through many tears and fasting. Now I'm able to discuss it with you. I'm able to help you.

I don't talk about Tinnitus a lot. I don't focus on it. I forget it with God's help most of the time I don't even think about it. If someone would have told me that was possible two years ago I would have laughed at them. But it is possible. I wish someone had been around to tell me the things I'm about to tell you.

My Story
Here’s a brief glimpse into my story. I traveled cross-country with my husband for over 18 years. One day I was minding my own business walking home and I hear this sharp whistle in my ear. I think WOW what’s that. It faded but in a few weeks it came back. It came and went for a while, then came and stayed for a long time.

I went to the doctor. I got the usual; I’m sorry smile, and pat on the back and was sent home with the idea of turning up my radio. Well I did that. I turned up the radio, the TV, sat outside depressed letting the sounds of summer cover up the whistle in my head. A few crickets can be very helpful, at least they were for me. I fought with this problem for over two years, learning to deal with this new me. Things had definitely changed.

Hope & Faith
I’m writing this to give you guys out there some hope. It does take time, it does take faith and prayer, but you can learn with God’s help to live with Tinnitus. With my advice and Gods help it may not take you two years to adjust.

With God’s help you will learn to tune it out, learn to get busy and pay it no mind. The best thing is to learn that you are STILL YOU! You can still hear the rain; you can still watch your favorite TV show. Know that you are not alone, there are many others just like you learning and praying and enjoying life.

While you are learning to adjust here are some key points.
Remember, You are not alone. You can do this. Don’t think about your Tinnitus. Don’t concentrate on it. Turn on the TV, or the radio. Get you a white noise machine. Read, Sing, or talk on the phone, and pray. Take your mind off your problem.

Just learn to forget it. Don’t talk about it. Tell your family to stop asking you are you okay, and treat you as if there was nothing wrong. Don’t focus on it. Move on and let God give you his peace and his love to overcome this new obstacle.

While you’re adjusting try these tips. Get you a fish tank, a water fountain, or something that is on all the time that will make some background noise. I personally have 3 tanks, and one white noise machine that makes a rain sound.

Each person must work this out a day at a time. I can’t stress enough to quit thinking about it. The longer you focus on it the louder it will seem. The more you can stay busy the easier it will fade into the background.

My Tinnitus seems to come and go, but I wonder. Did it really go or did I, with the help of God just forget it.

Part one is this page
Part 2 Tinnitus: Causes and Measuring sounds
Part 3 Tinnitus: Final Installment
Part 4 Years later

Please, come back and read part two tomorrow.

Samantha Fury
Questions are welcomed.
God bless.

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