Friday, January 1, 2016

Evernote part two Templates and More

Part two:   Evernote Templates
See part one Introduction and PC or Online

Evernote the ever growing helper 

Evernote reminds me of a file cabinet with many secret
compartments, that has a camera, a microphone and more. I may have to do a third article because I feel like I'm just reaching the edges of what this app can do. I know it's a bit overwhelming and that's why I didn't jump into Evernote last year but it just has so much to offer that I just have to give it a test drive.


I'm sure there are other things that we should talk about before templates but I'm an author and I've been looking for something like this forever so I have to share these great templates that I found. I don't use my phone for a lot of writing but while I'm trying to go to sleep or waiting for the dogs to take their walk I like to world build, or set up Character key-points. What has slowed me down is not having a simple list of shall we say 'fill in the blank templates'. 

I'll list below some of the great templates I've found on line. Here is a image sample of one of them. There are many different templates and you can edit them as you like and I'm sure after studying them you'll figure out how to save them in the form you want. I'm still working on learning how to make my own templates.
These templates that I found on line have some great ideas to get you started writing a great story. I'm grateful for those that share their templates online and now I'm sharing them with you. You will need a Evernote account to view these correctly.

Template - Three-Act Story Plotting
This is my first Template I hope you find it useful Samantha's Character Template

I hope you find these useful and here is an Evernote forum if you want to know more. Also there are hundreds of videos about Evernote on youtube if you need further information.
Evernote Forum  

I'd like to take this time to wish everyone a Happy New Year and if you have some templates you'd like to share please feel free. I hope to have a third post in a week showing you some of the ways my Author friends use Evernote. Book marks us and come back and check them out. 


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