Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Tinnitus: Final Installment

There are 4 installments in this series

Tinnitus: Earplugs
Part 3
I'd like to talk about Earplugs for a moment. If I could go back in time, I would wear earplugs while inside and outside of that old truck. I would take better care of my hearing. I would try to explain to others more often; that we need to be careful when around anything that makes a noise over 70 db, especially if it is for an extended amount of time.

I suggest that you find some good websites, check the levels of noise you are around on a daily basis and decide if you need to invest in some good earplugs. You can have them made by a professional to fit your ears, or you can pick up the cheap pair at your local store. Which ever you choose please protect your hearing, and pass on this information to anyone you feel is putting their hearing at risk.

My hearing is still good, you don’t always damage you’re hearing ability, when you get Tinnitus. Some people do loose their hearing but I managed to avoid that, somehow. I am very careful now when I’m around loud noises. Sometimes if I forget to wear my plugs while blow-drying my hair, it does seem to irritate the sound in my head.

When you have Tinnitus it can be annoying to say the least. It's hard at times to hear those little noises, like if you leave the water running in the sink, is there a small beeping sound in the other room or is your ears playing tricks on you. I often will ask someone, do you hear that, and I'm relieved when they say 'yes I do.'

When you are alone you must just get used to going to look for some strange small noise. One small way to figure it out is to place your finger in your ear for a moment and if the sound gets louder, then it's just you. My dad has a roaring sounds, most of the time I have a whistle, or like a turbo whinging, for those of you that have been in a truck.


I can sleep now without any white noise, though the fish tanks are always running. You can also get those small water fountains, or maybe run a fan at night. Out of all the things that I’ve done I know prayer, and faith in God has helped me most of all. I focused too much on my problem in the beginning, but as i said i didn't have anyone to talk to about this that wanted to do anything but depress me.

I needed someone to say, hey wake up out of that slump and focus on something besides the whistle in your ear. I thought many times about writing this article and finally decided that I just had to do it. I know that talking about it makes me hear my ears more, but in a few days that will pass and I'll be back to just me.

So if this is all new to you, just calm down and put on something good to listen to. You will get used to it, it will come and go. there will be days that you don't even think about it. There will be days when it's raining or the weather is doing strange things and you will want to find a good cricket to sit beside you. But those days pass and you'll have a good day. I personally enjoy a good shower, the water running is a great way to get a break when the noises get a little loud.

Wrapping things up:Most of all take away from this article that you can become you again. Life can be enjoyed, you can survive with Gods’ help. I know I’m repeating myself but its true, the more you can put this ringing or roaring in your head out of your mind the better off you will be. Stay busy, don’t talk about it, don’t keep searching out some new article. Learn that the best way to move on is prayer, fasting and forgetting.

I can’t comment on some of the over the counter items. I don’t know if any of them work or not. I prefer to just hang on to God and take it one day at a time. Many days I don’t even hear it, and here lately as the winter months drag on it seems to be having good days and bad days. I hear that sweet little jingle in my left head now.

I’ve learned to accept it, learned that it’s my little pet, learned that I’m still me and I will be just fine. I hunted today for a poem that the Lord helped me stumble upon one day and I'm irritated that I can't find it. It spoke to me one day when i needed something special.

The best I can recall it spoke of a melody that God put in this young woman's mind, it was for her alone. No one else could hear it. It was her blessing in some way, well I took those words that day and thought. This is my blessing, it's hard to look at it that way at times, but I wonder would I be the person God wanted me to be if I didn't have that little melody in my head.

Love & prayers
if you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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