Time Management

Today’s post is about my nemesis, Time Management. I’m learning more and more how important it is to have a schedule, and that I need to stay on it. Thursday, I sat down and wrote out a new schedule for household duties and writing assignments. This time, I am going to do my best to follow the list and try to cut down on wasted time.

One of my problems is that I don’t look at my writing as a true occupation. I don’t devote enough time to actually sit down and focus on writing; that can be hard to do when you are also running a household. I may be up and down doing tasks like laundry, supper, or playing with the dogs, during my writing time.

Do any of us really treat our writing as a occupation?  Do we just write when we can, putting it to the back burner more than we should. Friday night, we, at Christian Indie Authors had our normal meeting; it starts at 9 p.m. Eastern in the chat room.  Author Pastor George took some great notes on time management, if you'd like to take a peek here they are.

Back on topic, this week we talked about Time Management, and we even started a thread in the forums for members to post new goals they were setting. It’s our job as friends and co-writers to also do the same, and check in and see how others are doing.

I really hope to change the way I look at writing. Sure, chores will need to be done, but instead of doing them while I’m writing, I will be setting time aside to write. I will be doing the chores in the morning and, since I like to write in the evenings, will try to get everything done on my list for the day so I have my mind and thoughts free to work on my job: That job is being an author.  Though at the moment this new job of mine is not paying many bills, it is starting to add to the money I have to spend on groceries. If I start following my schedule and start treating writing more like a business than just a fun past time, maybe things will get even better.

I know we all have different goals, and one of mine is to be able to make a living as being an Author. But, if I don’t treat my occupation as just that, (my occupation) I don’t think I will get much further than I am now. That said, for me, it’s time for a change, and that change may start with baby steps, but it will start and grow and my schedule will become second nature after a while.

The schedule is written, the plan is laid out. Now all I have to do is follow it. What are your plans?  Are you like me just doing things when you think about it?  Maybe it’s time for you to write out a schedule or maybe you’re on one that’s really working and would like to share some thoughts.
I don’t normally ask for comments but today I’m going to. Are you on a schedule, do you have a plan that works, or are you just happy with writing be a fun past time?  Can’t wait to hear what you’ve got to say.

Till next time
Happy Writing
Samantha Fury


Melissa Sasina said…
Time management isn't exactly one of my problems, not letting myself get distracted with other things is my biggest issue! XD
When it comes to making time to write, I pretty much have told myself that Saturdays are going to be big writing days. If I can minimize the hops on Facebook, Goodreads, etc. on Saturdays, then I can crank out close to 3-4k words. And this has worked the past month or so! I haven't written this goal down or even stuck it in my Google Calendar. The more I think about generating 4-5K words a week, the more excited I get about self-pubbing more than one book a year!

A few years ago, I told myself that I wasn't going to "announce" to my wife, etc. what I was going to do on Saturday (or any day for that matter); I just DO it.

My personal goal since January has been to get the second book of The Land of Betrovia trilogy self-pubbed by September. Since January, the novel has gone from 4K words to almost 50K. I figure that there's two-three more chapters to go before the first draft is complete.

But I've written down none of this; and I haven't told my wife or anyone of my goal of 3-4K words per week.
Samantha Fury said…
Hey Melissa I know what you mean I get distracted too, and I hope this new schedule helps.

Dave I like the idea of having weekends for writing, I may have to try that if my schedule doesn't work. And thanks to both of you for posting. I do appreciate hearing what others are facing in their writing careers.
Traci B said…
I have the same issues with time management. I work a 40-hour week (four 9-hour days and a 4-hour day on Fridays), and by the time I get home from work (and errands on Friday afternoons), I generally am sick of staring at a computer.

However, if I want this writing thing to become more than a hobby, I have to put in the keyboard time. And now that I have readers asking about Book 2 in the Atherton series, I have even more motivation to find writing time each day. Speaking of which, I need to finish today's writing... :)
pastor.george.mcvey said…
I do have a schedule and a plan but others get in the way of finishing it. People in my house claim to understand this is my career choice but that doesn't keep them from asking for the computer six or seven times a day.

I wouldn't even mind that if it was for a legitimate reason. When I look over at them and they are wasting my writing time playing endless facebook games I all but lose it.
Steve Groll said…
My writing tends to be directed toward my children's church. When I write a story, it ends up being the basis of a discussion on Sunday. When I get enough material to weave into a book, I spend time writing what needs to be added to tie it together. At least that is how it has been in the past. There is one project that I have been dragging my feet on for several years now. It is paid for, I have the material, but I just cannot get myself to finish it up. The project is republishing my book of object lessons. To me writing is fun, but it is a lot of work. Time management isn’t really my problem. Procrastination is.

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