Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Indie Authors Forum

Indie Authors Forum
I'm happy to say that I'm apart of the new and revised Indie Authors Forum. I'll be running the site along with two good friends.  It's a beautifully made site, with all kinds of information for the Indie Author.  We are growing and adding new topics weekly, drop by and check it out, here.

Forums v/s Facebook
Forums have been around long before Facebook and they will always be around even after Facebook is gone, and there is a reason for that.  There is nothing like a forum for organization of facts, helpful information, and it's a great place to learn people and share creative ideas. I love Facebook but I cant count the times I've wanted to refer to a certain topic or comment, and I just couldn't find it.

Indie Authors Forum has many helpful threads, and we hope to keep growing and adding more Topics to help the Indie Author learn more about their craft.  Feel free to join us. We have a place where Authors can show off their own books in our Book Shop Here.   Feel free to show off your website, or share resources here.

We have a Blogging Community here.  In our Indie Discussion forums you'll find everything from helpful threads on Book Trailers, Cover Design, Editing Services, and general Writing Topics, such as Nano Wrimo, Stock Sites, and so many others.

We have an Off Topic Discussion, where we talk about everything from Netflix, to Sports. Drop by and check us out.  We're adding more members and topics weekly.  We also have our Official Nano Word Count thread started and a cheering section. 

Also, we have a sister site, Christian Writers.  Both forums have a Critique section, have special groups, and have a family like atmosphere.  If you want to be a better Author and you want to learn everything there is to know, these two sites are a great place to start.

I think that as an Indie we need to learn everything we can and join many groups and forums, that will help us get the ideas, facts, and resources that we need to be successful.  Check out Indie Authors Forum I think you'll be glad you did.

Samantha Fury
Author of the Street Justice Series

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