Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Nano - Forum Threads and Face Book Group

I love Nano
You may ask why do I love Nano and promote it so much.  Well, I'll tell you.  It's what started my path to self publishing.  Most of the time if you complete the contest you win a free proof of the book that you worked on that year.  I won the contest. I typed 50 thousands works in the month of November on a brand new story that I had never worked on. Once I uploaded my word count to the Nano site, I won, and I got my proof.

Create Space 
I can not guarantee that Create Space will once again sponsor a free proof at the end of the contest but they have for the last for years.  They normally wait until the contest is over and then they will announce that the winners will receive a free proof of their winning Novel.  This past year Create Space offered us 5 free proofs.  Yes I said 5.  That was shipping and all for those of us in the States.

Two places to join in on the fun

Indie Authors 

Nano Face book Group

Official Nana Word Count Thread
This will be on the Indie Authors Forum.  Come in and join in on the fun and see what your fellow Nano Authors are doing.  There will also be lots of chatting and cheering sections if you need some help. Then there will also be the Word Count thread, were each of us can post our daily word counts.  In that thread there will be no chatting just counting.

Indie Authors Face book Group
I'm sure there will be word counts tossed about here too, but the forum is best to keep up with a daily word count.  If you have a competitive nature as I do, you will want to see what others are doing on the forum.  Then I'll also check in on what everyone is doing on the face book group.  Hearing their goals for the day and how they are enjoying or hating their nano experience.

Nano Preparation 
Come join us on the forum or the face book group if you want to learn more about Nano or how to get ready for Nano. I also suggest that some people love and do better with a support group.  It can really help when you are not getting the word counts that you need.  Drop by and say hello!

Samantha Fury
Nano Head.. lol


TraciB said...

Funny, I had to pay for shipping for my five proofs. Still, it was a blessing, because I used the offer to get five extra copies of Chantal's Call that only cost me a little over a dollar each. Anything to increase the profit margin, right? ;)

I'm so looking forward to NaNo. After months of working on the Atherton series and helping with my niece's wedding preparations, I'm eager to jump back into the fantasy world of Elathe. When (I refuse to say "if") I win this year's NaNo, I'll have my first fantasy novels, a whole trilogy, drafted and ready to edit/rewrite. At this rate, 2013 will be a very productive writing year indeed. :)

Samantha Fury said...

That is strange Traci, and thanks for the comment. But there was no shipping charges on mine. I live in the states and in Ky. I hope others chime in on this also.