Saturday, May 14, 2016

A great App Everyday

Android to PC apps
This will be a series so book mark this page and when I have more app reviews I will post a link to the next review on the next helpful app.

Are you one of those people that love keeping things in order. Do you like to sync through all your devices, then I've found an app you're going to love.

Every Day 
This is one of the newest app's that I've came across, well I've been searching for some way to help organize my busy life. If you need an App they have one for just about everything but wadding through the hundreds of apps can be tiresome. This is one of my favorites so lets take a look at what it does.

It reminds me of an outline in ways, but it's so much more. I've only had it for a few days but I'm already learning how it works. You can set notifications, and check things off once you've accomplished the task. Let's take a look at some screen shots.

First you can start out with your lists. This is where you chose the topic of your tasks. I have several. Home, Taxes, pets, books, you can make several but there is a limit with a free account. I will admit I'm going to just be using this App 'Everyday' for Novels only. Some Apps have different ways they are more useful and as far as this app goes I think it will be best to be used for my books. I looked for something like Ywriter but so far just can't find the perfect plotting character development app but I will keep looking.

The next image will be of my 'list- NEW ROMANCE.' In the free version there is a limit to the amount of lists you can have. If you want more the pro version is only 2.99 a month. As you can see I've started with basic lists: Plot - Characters - Chapters.

I was looking for an app with fill in the blanks, with options like hair color, height, eye color etc. But for now this will work.

The next image will show you the outline effect. When you click on the little arrows the next section breaks out. You can see I have some general plot ideas for my new novel. Then down further you will see the character section with ideas for my characters.

Here in the next image you will see that I have three ideas for my plot. No stealing by the way :)  I have also broken those down and add sub plots and soon will hit the number of lists that I can use until I go pro or delete some of those other lists. I think I'll delete the list 'TAXES' lol. I don't like that one much anyway.

The next screen shot is of what you get in another hidden section for notes. I'm going to click on the Romantic Guy is a cook section and add some notes and an alarm for a time when I want to be sure and finish this section by.  I'll be honest I've not set an alarm yet so not sure how that works and what kind of noise it makes.
You can also show that a task is complete so you will know you've finished that area of your outline as I like to call it. You can also use this for daily tasks too, but I prefer to use another app for that. You may have to look close but there is a line marked through three tasks.
 I have several apps that I want to review and more than I want to try out. Here is a list of comparisons between the free and pro version. I like this app. It works on my android and it syncs quickly with the pc. I suppose I could put it on the phone too but haven't tried it. I'm not sure I can say that this will be my favorite app or the one that I use the most, but it's a nice app and I give it a 4 star rating.

Come back again and I'll try to tel you about another great app that I'm trying out. Be sure and let me know what your favorite app is in the comments.

Samantha Fury

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Buildling a weebly website free or pro


I love Weebly and I've been with them for several years. I moved over to them when I felt that Weebly was easier to access and they fit my needs. When you first joined with Weebly and you bought the pro plan you received 10 websites with the pro. Now you only get one when you buy a pro. I have websites that are pro and some that are not. I have my own domain on some of my sites and some I don't. It just all depends on what you want to do. I get my domains from Godaddy because they are cheaper than going with Weebly. 

At this moment I have over 18 websites and I've built over 25 maybe even 30 by now I don't keep count.  I do love them and I will say I'm not being paid anything to write this blog. I don't get anything from Weebly but a great working website. 

I wanted to share with you some of the things you can get with a Weebly website and kind of let you get in behind the workings so you can understand how they work. I will say the site I took the screen shots are from a pro and it comes with sliding headers, a store and a few different items. But the price is really fair. I pay about 45 dollars a year and to me it's worth it. Now it may be a tad higher now, because I'm locked in on my prices from where I joined them when they were just starting out. So always check on the prices. BUT I will say I really don't use the store and many of the pro options other than the editors, and the sliding banners. 

There are many different kinds of themes that you can use and if you want a different them on a different page you can just start another website and use a html link to take you to that other hidden site. It's just something extra for those that have been working on websites for a long time and you get tired of  the same themes. With Weebly you can have many websites free or paid you can start 10 websites without making a new account.  Here is a screen shot of just a FEW of the many templates you can pick from. 

As you can see on the left you can pick by color theme etc. 

You can even get into the html and edit your site. I'm not great with html so I've never tried this but here is a screen shot.

You can start out a page by choosing four different options. You can use a link from another website an external link and chose 4 different kinds of pages.  You can use which pages are seen by the public set up a password. You can also name the pages what ever you want and edit them later.  You can nest pages under a topic. Say you want to have Books at the top then under books could be a drop down menu with all of your books.

Once you have a page in mind we go to the drop and drag area. This is what I love about weebly. Anything that you want to place on the page you just go to the left, and drag and drop it into place. Now some of this when it comes to headings and images can be a little tricky at first but in general it's very simple.  You can drop and drag all kinds of things and I'll get you a close up of those in a minute. But here is the main page and how it will look.

Now here I will show you the options and AGAIN this is for the pro site. I don't have time to do a blog post with both the pro and the free but you can read through and find out what options are pro only. There are a lot of options on the free side.  As you can see there is a lot of things to pick from and if you want these options on your page you just drag and drop. I love the you tube it's so easy. You will just drag and drop it onto your page and then go to the video on the website and place the link in the proper spot and when you refresh your video is on your page. I also use the html button a lot.

The next thing I'll show you is the dashboard. It's pretty self explaining and I'm showing you my stats a very cool thing they offer. Pretty sure the stats come with the free site, but again you'll more than likely want the sliding headers or the store and the pro site is very affordable. I'm sure there is a list somewhere and I'll try to find a link to it so you can learn what comes on the free site and what comes on the pro site. IF you're like me you'll have several websites so to keep your pages separated and buy only one pro site. Then if you need any of the pro options just use the external link on the specific website you need the pro options on. Then again most authors only need one website.

 The next is the settings and this is where if you have the pro you can add other authors to edit things and work on your website, you can do it on the free also but you can't chose what pages that they are working on. Let's say I want Pastor George a good friend of mine to post a blog but I don't want him to have access to the whole site, with the pro I can pick and chose what pages he manages from one page to as many as I would like. It's really easy to ad an editor, but on the free site if you add an editor they can edit the whole site.

With the pro site you can also have members on your website and a store and there is the option of a small forum too. Can't recall if thats on the free side or not. But it's a cute little forum and people can join with their Facebook page.

The last page is the Store and I don't use it but it's an option for me because i have the pro site so I'll let you take a peak at the dashboard.

Thanks for joining me today and I'm sure that I've missed something that weebly does or some page or some area but this will give you a general idea of what it looks like to be behind the scenes of building a website at weebly.

I'll clarify weebly has three options. FREE - Pro -- or business. And here is a video that will explain all about it. I also don't use the blog option much on weebly, I prefer blogger, but they do have a blog that comes with the website.

Weebly pro or business

Weebly compare plans here

You can also see what your site looks like mobile
You can have polls and ask questions, contact forms I just found out you can change your mobile them, cool, ;)
There is a place on the dashboard to check your blog comments or form entries.
You can invite people to your site by email
There is just so much you can do I just can't name it all today. THE only thing you need to consider is if you want the free or the pro and if you pick free make sure it has the options you want.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you found this post useful.

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