Sunday, May 22, 2016

Romance for the Heart

Romance for the Heart
Do you like clean romance, or christian romance? If so then Romance for the Heart is for you. 

Romance for the heart is a great Facebook group where you can learn about clean and Christian romance novels and authors.  If you like to read drop by and look through our files to see if you find anything you like.  We keep all images at pg13 or cleaner and welcome Authors and Readers to interact. We hope you will drop by and join us.  We are all about helping authors find readers and helping readers find good clean books to entertain them. Check us out I don't think you will be disappointed.

We don't have many rules but we do ask that authors only advertise once a day, and that they be sure and share with us when they are doing a free giveaway.  We ask that readers if you share a link to a book that you explain to us why you think it's a great read. Readers can invite authors to join but we must be able to see that they write clean or christian novel on their profile. 

If you would like to be a Romance for the Heart author just come on and check us out. If your work is Christian or clean tell us about your novels and we'll take it from there. We love romance and welcome more authors to join our little group.

Check out our group here  The link is now working for a while it was broken click here to learn more
Thanks for your time
Samantha Fury