Wednesday, November 7, 2012

NaNo Day 7

Well how is it going
Don't know what NaNo is? Check here

Wow is it really already day 7 of NaNo 2012?  We are having so much fun at NaNo land, and there are some great numbers coming out of our group that it's just amazing.  Now what comes of them that is yet to be seen.

Some of us are not really pacing or trying to get the 1666 words a day that you need to get in order to finish Nano by the end of the month. Most of us are so far ahead of that goal we don't need to worry about it. There are some that are still keeping a normal pace then there are others that are already have way done.

My Count.
I haven't really kept up with a good daily count. I'm just looking at that big number at the end of the day.  Just a few minutes ago I hit 33k.  I'm looking to hit 40 by midnight but I might not make it, but I am over half done.  I just love Nano it really pushes me to get those words down on paper.  LOL, Well M word.

Word Wars.
In our face book group we have been having surprise word wars, and that is really pushing us to compete with each other and in the end helping out our word counts. I know not everyone is a Nano fan, but I just love nano and this year I am writing book 5 in the Street Justice Series. Now if I could just edit as fast as I write and I would be happy.

Come join us Here
We are having so much fun you should drop by the group and join in. You can be a Nano rebel and just work on some story that you already started, or you can do what we did and start from fresh.  To enter the contest you need to start on a story that you have never worked on before and just start writing.  You will try to hit the 50 thousand word count goal by the end of the month.  It's so much fun and we are all going to have a good start on a new novel by the end of November.

NaNo Nazi's 
There are plenty of those little fellas around.  I've had them all month. The house needed to be cleaned I had company drop by I've had days I was on the phone way to much. That's just a part of the whole Nano process. But it will teach you to get in there and write write write.  If you have to just set the computer up in the kitchen and write while you are cooking or take it out side you will find time to do so.  Especially if you ave a competitive bone in your body. :) 

Back to NaNo
I'm sure that you will find an error in this some where, or that I said something not quite right, but that is a part of nano. You are not allowed to edit, you are supposed to ignore those little lines that say something is spelled wrong.  Nano teaches you to get into writing mode and move on. Here we go back to Nano.

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