Monday, April 23, 2012

Allergies & Writing

You may say what. Has Samantha lost her mind. What could Allergies and Writing possibly have in common. Well, to be honest, they may not have a lot in common but they both have plagued me this week. So I'm telling you all about.

First of all, they both can hit you at a moments notice. You're not expecting this visit either from your muse or your Allergy Fairy. You may be standing in a line waiting to pay a bill or buy stamps and something happens that triggers a sneeze or a story idea.

What do you do? Grab a tissue if it's the sneeze, but if its a story idea you try to hold it off until you can find a pen and something to jot some notes on. But the story is coming fast and you're getting the first few lines and there's nothing to write on!

You look to your right and then left, but everywhere you look there is no paper. You have a pen in your purse, or maybe you'll steal the postmasters pen. As you're searching the story line is growing, and you're frantic that if you can't hurry and write some of this down it will be gone forever.

Isn't it strange how the muse works. It wants what it wants, where it wants. So always have a pen and paper, or a mp3 recorder, or in my case all of the above and some allergy medicine, hidden away in your coat pocket.

I hated to let you guys go without a new blog, for this Monday, and though this isn't much. It may save you a trip to the doctor or gain you, that next bestseller.

Happy Writing

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