Indie Authors on Google Hangout

Hey Authors! I'm a part of a great new informative show called Indie Authors. It's on the new, very cool, Google Hangout Network. Each week we record a show, on Monday. We are up to show eight.

The shows are packed with information from Indie Authors. Some that have been on the Indie Trail for a couple of years now, and some fresh off the press. That way you get to see this process from many angles.

The show varies from week to week on what we discuss and suggestions are always welcome. Each panel member will be asked a question by our great host Jason Matthews, or co host AC Cruz, and they will, along with other panel members, give us their take on a given subject. I truly think this is a new wave of broadcasting that could possibility one day be picked up by some cable companies.

Here is a shot from one of our shows.

The information is free, informative, and I myself learn something new and creative every week. Tonight's show will be about marketing. We'll talk about marketing locally, and also about marketing online. The show always lasts about an hour, and it's so much fun. I think it would be good homework for any Indie author, to take time out of your busy day to watch the show.

If you want read more about the show check here to watch some past shows check them out here . Panel guest and information here.

If you like the show please like and share on the U tube link.

The show is still new and growing, for more up to date information go here. To be a guest on the show contact our host. Jason Matthews

Thanks for watching
Samantha Fury


MGalloway said…
Nice! I'll have to check the shows out...

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