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Kindle Giveaway for the CWW Ladies Group.  

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

NaNoWriMo 2016 Nano Preparation Part 2

Getting Ready for NaNo

So you've decided to jump in with both feet, and you want to know what you can do to help get yourself ready for the greatest writing contest going?   Well you have come to the right place.  Some have called me the Nano Queen, because I have won five years in a row, but more because I try to get everyone that writes to join this contest.   There are some really cool badges that they've given us over the years. I hope to add 2013 to my list of accomplishments!

The Mental Preparation
I personally try not to write much a few weeks before Nano, kind of hold all of that writing steam in. Also I'm normally busy doing other things getting ready so that all works out well. You don't want to be tired when Nano starts, well, mentally tired, you want your mind fresh and ready for ideas, plots, and characters to go flying all over the place. 

Though we can't be writing about our novel, we can be thinking and outlining. You may want to write down a list of characters, ideas, what kind weather will they be having, and do you have a plot in mind.  You may even be one of those people that like to outline, and if so that's find.  You're allowed to outline, you just can't write one word toward the Novmeber Novel you'll be entering into the contest.

Your Health 
These last few weeks be careful what you do. Try not to catch a cold, or throw your back out.  You want to be as healthy as possible, during this month of frenzied writing.  You'll want to wash your hands a lot to keep away the flu, bend with your knees and don't hurt that back.  You can drink lots of juices and water to keep well in general.

You also might want to try to catch up on lost sleep, because during the month of Nano you may be burning the midnight oil, trying to keep up, or just lost int he new story idea that will by this point be wanting to be told. 

Home-front Preparation

You can clean the house, get some food frozen so your family does not starve while you're writing. There is laundry to get caught up on, so many things that you really need to make a list. I try to cook and clean during the last two weeks so that we all have clean clothes, and that the first two weeks I can focus on writing.

I have some frozen soup, and some canned veggies for those days when I want to write without cooking.  I'm hoping to get some chips and snacks to help feed my muse. Today I'm joining in on the Truckers strike so no shopping until Monday the 14.

Children and Dogs
If you have children you might want to line up some baby sitters for Nano, talk your mother into coming over or even better having her take them for a visit.  If you can't afford a sitter, write during play time or nap time.  Use every minute you can, but don't keep your eyes away to long, you don't want the kids getting into something while you're lost in Nano.

When it comes to dogs and some kids, you need a good schedule so you can make sure Mommy has time to write. Laptops come in really handy for this. It's good to have a laptop set up somewhere that is a high traffic area for yourself.  You will be surprised how many words you can get down between stirring supper, or washing dishes, just be sure and don't burn anything and always dry your hands.  I normally place my laptop in the kitchen on the bar, and I get quite a few extra words that way.  You might even want to go outside like I do in my outside office.

The Unexpected
There always is something that goes on during Nano to cut into your writing time. It can be anything to
paying bills, to shopping, kids, dogs, husbands, the list is endless.  So, what's a writer to do? Improvise!  Make every minute count, lose an hour of sleep, write on the go, or use today's technology to help.

When I started doing these nano tips there was not an Iphone Ipad, etc, at least there was not for me. Now with Text to seech, and ipods you can write just about anywhere you need to. Take your Nano Novel with you to the doctor's office, to the bathroom, outside, there are so many more options. Dragon has a really great cool, free app for the iphone or ipod.  It's not perfect but it might help in a pinch.

Also with Drop box you can access your work anywhere that has an internet connection. Maybe you're going to stay with your parents for the holiday, and you forgot your lap top.  No worries, just be sure and activate you a dropbox account and you're all set. There will be more about dropbox in our next Nano post, in saving your work.

By the time this day roles around you should be well into your nano, and if you're a nano head like me you might even be finished with your nano. If not, this is a great time to get in some words, you say WHAT?  Yes I know it's busy, but also there are those slow moments.  You can write in between cooking those great meals, you can write while the guys are all watching football, or you can write while the family is napping after eating that great meal. 

Again this is a great place for that text to speech app, or just using your iphone to get in some good notes for later in the day when Tony Romo is throwing that ball. Nano teaches to be invintinve with our time, with our writing, and we can take these lessons that we learn and apply them during other months in the year. 

You will learn things during Nano that you did not know about yourself, and even if you don't win, you will either learn that you hate nano, or that you just love it. I think everyone will learn something useful during this month. I have learned to write when I don't have time, to write myself out on that limb that yes the story line will be better for it, and I have learned that word wars are a wonderful way to motivate.  Most of all I learned that keeping my rear in that chair and my mind focused on a story is not that hard to do after all. 

Still looking for more to read on Nano check my older nano post from previous years, some of the information will be repetitive some not.

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NaNoWriMo 2016 Pacing and Saving Part 3

Pacing and Saving 
So you're thinking about doing Nano and you want to know how to pace yourself and you want to be sure and not lose any of those precious Nano Words, too.  I've lost a few chapters in the past so never think that you are wasting time stopping and making sure your work is saved.

Samantha Fury Pacing
For me, pacing goes out the window. I want to get as many words down as fast as I can because normally something will happen later on in the month to ruin my writing time. I've been writing since I was 8, and typing since I was about that same age. I can type extremely fast, and took typing classes for three years in high-school, and often during Nano have word count days of 3000 and up. My best record of late being close to 12k in one 24 hour period so for this topic I've spoke to a few of my Nanoites from our Nano Word War group. 

George McVey 

Saving Nano Drop Box Carbonite
Dropbox  is a way to share what ever work that you have on every computer you have.  If you have M word on both of your computers, if you have two, you can just switch back and forth between devices by dropping your current work into the drop box icon that will be on your computer.  Your work will be saved and you can even access Dropbox on any internet connected computer.

I have Carbonite for back ups too, but this is handy because there is not a lot of searching necessary when you want to work on one novel on two different computers.  It's really a breeze and you can also use it on your ipod for images and some music.  I really do love it. Check it out here. DropBox. 
Be sure and comment and tell us how you save your work.

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Writing Life
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Friday, September 30, 2016

NaNo 2016: What is Nano?

I know we're starting a little early but I want all those new writers to learn about NaNo.

NaNoWriMo: The Contest

Coming this November will be one of the most exciting contests I've ever entered. I'll be fighting against someone that's hard-headed and hard to please. A person that thanks God for the opportunity to write. A person that loves to write, and a person that I know will fight to win when Nano pushes her to new heights and new way's of thinking. I'll be competing with this person every minute and that person is ME.

What is NaNo?
It's a contest where you try to write 50 thousand words in a month.  Yes you heard me right.  It can be done, thousands of people do it every year.  True, every word of it might not be worth keeping, but it teaches you to get out on that limb and write.  Never heard of Nano go here.

Win Prizes and Pride through NaNoWriMo

I've entered and won this contest in November many times. Each time in November, I have won a prize. Five years in a row, I won a free book for participating and winning the contest. Now, of course, there is no way for the good NaNoWriMo folks to know if you are cheating or not, but they hope that you won't.  They also offer discounts on various kinds of writing software. We'll all just have to sign up to see what great goodies they are offering this year.

Words, Words, Words
It's not easy to write 50,000 words in a month, but it can be done. For me now it comes down to a contest against my last year's record. I try to get in one really good day with about 11,000 words, so if I have a bad day, I don't get so far behind. Last year I hit 11 and change in a 24 hour period. I was stoked.

I don't think I had ever written that many words in one day. I also don't know if I will ever beat that record or not, but you can bet that I will do my best when November comes around.

For those of you that have done Nano before you know that the only thing you can do towards getting ready for the contest writing wise, is to work on that outline.  You can plan and think and outline, but you can not write one word not even that first line to this great new novel until midnight of November the first. I don't have my outline started yet.  I'll once again be working on my Street Justice Series during this month so I'll need to do a little reading on the last novel and see where I left off.

Really? 50,000 Words in a Month?
Writing 50,000 words in a months opened my mind to a new way of writing. It helped me learn to focus on the creation of the story, and to put editing to the back burner. It helped me to see that I can write under pressure. It taught me that some of my best work comes when I'm working and writing under a timeline. When I won and finished over 50,000 words in less than 30 days it gave me a boost, and give me a great feeling of accomplishment.

Please don't let the idea of failing stop you from trying to win Nano. Don't keep yourself from the lessons that are waiting there to be learned. It's fun, it's exciting, and at times it can be a little frustrating. I can't stress enough what a learning experience this is, so come on join in on the fun, and see if you can write 50k or more in a month.
Winning is fun that is for sure, but even if you don't win, you can learn so much from being in this contest.  You can meet some great people, learn that you can write a lot of words in one month, but most of all you learn to write write write.

I learned that I can write things that were not in my outline, that sometimes if do put myself out on that writing limb that the story line I created while out there will last and it is good.  I suggest that every writer tries Nano at least once.

Still looking for more to read on Nano check my older nano post from previous years, some of the information will be repetitive some not.
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Annette Shaff 
Javier Brosch
Edward Fielding
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Sunday, May 22, 2016

Romance for the Heart

Romance for the Heart
Do you like clean romance, or christian romance? If so then Romance for the Heart is for you. 

Romance for the heart is a great Facebook group where you can learn about clean and Christian romance novels and authors.  If you like to read drop by and look through our files to see if you find anything you like.  We keep all images at pg13 or cleaner and welcome Authors and Readers to interact. We hope you will drop by and join us.  We are all about helping authors find readers and helping readers find good clean books to entertain them. Check us out I don't think you will be disappointed.

We don't have many rules but we do ask that authors only advertise once a day, and that they be sure and share with us when they are doing a free giveaway.  We ask that readers if you share a link to a book that you explain to us why you think it's a great read. Readers can invite authors to join but we must be able to see that they write clean or christian novel on their profile. 

If you would like to be a Romance for the Heart author just come on and check us out. If your work is Christian or clean tell us about your novels and we'll take it from there. We love romance and welcome more authors to join our little group.

Check out our group here  The link is now working for a while it was broken click here to learn more
Thanks for your time
Samantha Fury

Saturday, May 14, 2016

A great App Everyday

Android to PC apps
This will be a series so book mark this page and when I have more app reviews I will post a link to the next review on the next helpful app.

Are you one of those people that love keeping things in order. Do you like to sync through all your devices, then I've found an app you're going to love.

Every Day 
This is one of the newest app's that I've came across, well I've been searching for some way to help organize my busy life. If you need an App they have one for just about everything but wadding through the hundreds of apps can be tiresome. This is one of my favorites so lets take a look at what it does.

It reminds me of an outline in ways, but it's so much more. I've only had it for a few days but I'm already learning how it works. You can set notifications, and check things off once you've accomplished the task. Let's take a look at some screen shots.

First you can start out with your lists. This is where you chose the topic of your tasks. I have several. Home, Taxes, pets, books, you can make several but there is a limit with a free account. I will admit I'm going to just be using this App 'Everyday' for Novels only. Some Apps have different ways they are more useful and as far as this app goes I think it will be best to be used for my books. I looked for something like Ywriter but so far just can't find the perfect plotting character development app but I will keep looking.

The next image will be of my 'list- NEW ROMANCE.' In the free version there is a limit to the amount of lists you can have. If you want more the pro version is only 2.99 a month. As you can see I've started with basic lists: Plot - Characters - Chapters.

I was looking for an app with fill in the blanks, with options like hair color, height, eye color etc. But for now this will work.

The next image will show you the outline effect. When you click on the little arrows the next section breaks out. You can see I have some general plot ideas for my new novel. Then down further you will see the character section with ideas for my characters.

Here in the next image you will see that I have three ideas for my plot. No stealing by the way :)  I have also broken those down and add sub plots and soon will hit the number of lists that I can use until I go pro or delete some of those other lists. I think I'll delete the list 'TAXES' lol. I don't like that one much anyway.

The next screen shot is of what you get in another hidden section for notes. I'm going to click on the Romantic Guy is a cook section and add some notes and an alarm for a time when I want to be sure and finish this section by.  I'll be honest I've not set an alarm yet so not sure how that works and what kind of noise it makes.
You can also show that a task is complete so you will know you've finished that area of your outline as I like to call it. You can also use this for daily tasks too, but I prefer to use another app for that. You may have to look close but there is a line marked through three tasks.
 I have several apps that I want to review and more than I want to try out. Here is a list of comparisons between the free and pro version. I like this app. It works on my android and it syncs quickly with the pc. I suppose I could put it on the phone too but haven't tried it. I'm not sure I can say that this will be my favorite app or the one that I use the most, but it's a nice app and I give it a 4 star rating.

Come back again and I'll try to tel you about another great app that I'm trying out. Be sure and let me know what your favorite app is in the comments.

Samantha Fury

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Buildling a weebly website free or pro


I love Weebly and I've been with them for several years. I moved over to them when I felt that Weebly was easier to access and they fit my needs. When you first joined with Weebly and you bought the pro plan you received 10 websites with the pro. Now you only get one when you buy a pro. I have websites that are pro and some that are not. I have my own domain on some of my sites and some I don't. It just all depends on what you want to do. I get my domains from Godaddy because they are cheaper than going with Weebly. 

At this moment I have over 18 websites and I've built over 25 maybe even 30 by now I don't keep count.  I do love them and I will say I'm not being paid anything to write this blog. I don't get anything from Weebly but a great working website. 

I wanted to share with you some of the things you can get with a Weebly website and kind of let you get in behind the workings so you can understand how they work. I will say the site I took the screen shots are from a pro and it comes with sliding headers, a store and a few different items. But the price is really fair. I pay about 45 dollars a year and to me it's worth it. Now it may be a tad higher now, because I'm locked in on my prices from where I joined them when they were just starting out. So always check on the prices. BUT I will say I really don't use the store and many of the pro options other than the editors, and the sliding banners. 

There are many different kinds of themes that you can use and if you want a different them on a different page you can just start another website and use a html link to take you to that other hidden site. It's just something extra for those that have been working on websites for a long time and you get tired of  the same themes. With Weebly you can have many websites free or paid you can start 10 websites without making a new account.  Here is a screen shot of just a FEW of the many templates you can pick from. 

As you can see on the left you can pick by color theme etc. 

You can even get into the html and edit your site. I'm not great with html so I've never tried this but here is a screen shot.

You can start out a page by choosing four different options. You can use a link from another website an external link and chose 4 different kinds of pages.  You can use which pages are seen by the public set up a password. You can also name the pages what ever you want and edit them later.  You can nest pages under a topic. Say you want to have Books at the top then under books could be a drop down menu with all of your books.

Once you have a page in mind we go to the drop and drag area. This is what I love about weebly. Anything that you want to place on the page you just go to the left, and drag and drop it into place. Now some of this when it comes to headings and images can be a little tricky at first but in general it's very simple.  You can drop and drag all kinds of things and I'll get you a close up of those in a minute. But here is the main page and how it will look.

Now here I will show you the options and AGAIN this is for the pro site. I don't have time to do a blog post with both the pro and the free but you can read through and find out what options are pro only. There are a lot of options on the free side.  As you can see there is a lot of things to pick from and if you want these options on your page you just drag and drop. I love the you tube it's so easy. You will just drag and drop it onto your page and then go to the video on the website and place the link in the proper spot and when you refresh your video is on your page. I also use the html button a lot.

The next thing I'll show you is the dashboard. It's pretty self explaining and I'm showing you my stats a very cool thing they offer. Pretty sure the stats come with the free site, but again you'll more than likely want the sliding headers or the store and the pro site is very affordable. I'm sure there is a list somewhere and I'll try to find a link to it so you can learn what comes on the free site and what comes on the pro site. IF you're like me you'll have several websites so to keep your pages separated and buy only one pro site. Then if you need any of the pro options just use the external link on the specific website you need the pro options on. Then again most authors only need one website.

 The next is the settings and this is where if you have the pro you can add other authors to edit things and work on your website, you can do it on the free also but you can't chose what pages that they are working on. Let's say I want Pastor George a good friend of mine to post a blog but I don't want him to have access to the whole site, with the pro I can pick and chose what pages he manages from one page to as many as I would like. It's really easy to ad an editor, but on the free site if you add an editor they can edit the whole site.

With the pro site you can also have members on your website and a store and there is the option of a small forum too. Can't recall if thats on the free side or not. But it's a cute little forum and people can join with their Facebook page.

The last page is the Store and I don't use it but it's an option for me because i have the pro site so I'll let you take a peak at the dashboard.

Thanks for joining me today and I'm sure that I've missed something that weebly does or some page or some area but this will give you a general idea of what it looks like to be behind the scenes of building a website at weebly.

I'll clarify weebly has three options. FREE - Pro -- or business. And here is a video that will explain all about it. I also don't use the blog option much on weebly, I prefer blogger, but they do have a blog that comes with the website.

Weebly pro or business

Weebly compare plans here

You can also see what your site looks like mobile
You can have polls and ask questions, contact forms I just found out you can change your mobile them, cool, ;)
There is a place on the dashboard to check your blog comments or form entries.
You can invite people to your site by email
There is just so much you can do I just can't name it all today. THE only thing you need to consider is if you want the free or the pro and if you pick free make sure it has the options you want.

Thanks for joining me today and I hope you found this post useful.

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Samantha Fury is the author of  the Street Justice Series.  
She's written many articles on book covers, for Indie Authors.
She operates several Indie Groups. Editing Services, Cover
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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Welcome to Christian Mystery Suspense


Welcome To Christian Mystery Suspense


Thanks for joining us here at the Christian Mystery Suspense Facebook Group. We welcome Clean and Christian Mystery Suspense authors and readers. Books we'll be sharing will include cozy, police, medical, legal, romantic, thriller, crime, and detective.

Authors:  Drop by and add your books to our Sub-genre photo albums, and feel free to advertise once a day. We love learning about new Mystery/Suspense novels. We do want all books to be kept at a PG-13 rating. NO erotica. If you think your book might need a rating of PG-13 or PG-17, be sure and add it to your posts. We do allow edgy mystery/suspense, but not too edgy.

Our Beliefs

bible-879070__180*We believe the Bible is the inspired Word of God, and is our source of truth. Jesus Christ, God's only Son, came as a man but was still fully God. He was tempted but lived without sin, died, was buried, and rose again as the perfect sacrifice for sin. He lives today to intercede for us. Any books posted in this group should reflect this message in some way.*  

All authors posting here agree to this affirmation of faith. Any books posted should reflect this message in some way.

Our Goal For This Group

book-933280__180Our main goal is to give Christian authors a great place to advertise their clean Christian Novels.  We also want to help readers find good clean works with moral values that will help them understand being a Christian isn’t always easy, but that it is something we can do with God’s help. I pray the books will help and bless those who read them. If you find a book you like, please leave a review and share with your friends.


"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path." Proverbs 3:5-6


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tinnitus: Causes and Measuring sounds

There are 4 installments in this series links below
Part 2
Tinnitus: Causes

Today I’m going to talk about causes again. I spent a lot of time in a noisy truck. I often stood outside the truck talking and working, not thinking about the effects this could cause later on. It makes me mad that somewhere alone the line I didn’t hear about this problem. No one said that long term working in a noisy environment could do this. True I should have known but where is the campaign to warn people. When you get that yearly check up why isn’t there a brochure they give you that warns: protect your hearing.

My dad also has Tinnitus; he worked in the coalmines. I never thought riding inside a truck could be as noisy as working around mining equipment. I wonder at times if there is some way to link this to our family genes. My mother doesn’t have it. Only my dad and no other person in my family has it either. So I assume it comes from being around constant noise.

Sound Meter:
Did you know that you should be wearing earplugs when you sweep, blow dry your hair, mow the grass, or flush the commode. Sorry couldn’t resist that last one. I checked the volume of sound when you flush the commode it’s loud. Many things are louder than you think. You expect to wear earplugs when you go shooting. Go to a NASCAR event or a music concert.

I wonder did you ever consider popping in a set of earplugs when you mow the grass, or sweep, or ladies when you blow-dry your hair.

Here is a link to a good chart. Just copy and paste it into your browser. It will give you an idea how loud things are, compared to the amount of time to be around these noises. I’ve read that prolonged exposure to sound/noise levels as low as 70 db can result in damage to hearing.

Daily life with Tinnitus:
Now that I have Tinnitus I use earplugs as often as I can. I warn you at times when you first remove the plugs the sounds of your own Tinnitus may seem more noticeable. I would rather be reminded of my Tinnitus than to have it get worse. My dads roaring in his ears, is really bad, he can hold a razor to the side of his face and hear the roaring sound, over the razor.

So I suggest that though it might seem to bring your Tinnitus to your attention it’s better than having it grow worse over time. So please buy you a pair of earplugs and use them. You too can buy a Sound Pressure level Meter. They are not too expensive and it’s a good way to teach yourself and your children what a safe level of sound . . . really sounds like.

I'll have a quick wrap up tomorrow tune in.

Part one is here on this page
Part 2 Tinnitus: Causes and Measuring sounds
Part 3 Tinnitus: Final Installment
Part 4 Years later

So you've been told you have Tinnitus

I'm putting this blog out there again I hope it helps someone

There are 4 Installments in this series the links will be below. 

Part 1
Tinnitus: Been there done that!

This article is important and so that I don't rush this topic it will be posted over a three day period. If you suffer from Tinnitus please check back and read all three articles. Especially if you are new to this difficult obstacle.

You’re sitting in the doctor’s chair looking around at all the fancy degrees hanging on the wall. You’ve been examined, possibly had a hearing test, and you’re waiting for the doctor to come in and tell you in what great way he’s going to fix your problem.

The door opens, he sits down and looks you in the eye. He smiles, shrugs, and says there’s nothing he can do to help you. He tells you that your best option is to turn the radio up loud enough to cover up the sounds in your head.

You go home, irritated, and disappointed, after paying the good doctor, and for what? You wrote him out a check so he could tell you; he can’t do anything for you.

Causes of Tinnitus
I'm not a doctor, but I have learned that Tinnitus is more than likely caused from being exposed to loud sounds for over a period of time. I spent 18 years in an 18-wheeler. I sure wish I'd known that I should have been protecting my ears. Wearing ear plugs could have kept me from this obstacle called Tinnitus. I shake my head when I see young kids at NASCAR events, or riding with that pounding music and pity them for what they are doing to their hearing. If they could just understand what it can do to you; they would stop abusing their hearing. I will discuss causes more in the second article.

Moving on!
I'm sure you are wondering. What happens now. First of all, if you don’t believe in God and prayer you should. The only way I know to truly overcome this problem, long term, is a good dose of the following.
Fasting &
A general belief that … through God …all things are possible!!!

Everyone may not have the same effects. Everyone may not battle for two years to adjust to this new way of living. Some people may not even notice or care. I did.
I had a huge problem learning to live in my body as it was now. I overcame this with God's help. Through many tears and fasting. Now I'm able to discuss it with you. I'm able to help you.

I don't talk about Tinnitus a lot. I don't focus on it. I forget it with God's help most of the time I don't even think about it. If someone would have told me that was possible two years ago I would have laughed at them. But it is possible. I wish someone had been around to tell me the things I'm about to tell you.

My Story
Here’s a brief glimpse into my story. I traveled cross-country with my husband for over 18 years. One day I was minding my own business walking home and I hear this sharp whistle in my ear. I think WOW what’s that. It faded but in a few weeks it came back. It came and went for a while, then came and stayed for a long time.

I went to the doctor. I got the usual; I’m sorry smile, and pat on the back and was sent home with the idea of turning up my radio. Well I did that. I turned up the radio, the TV, sat outside depressed letting the sounds of summer cover up the whistle in my head. A few crickets can be very helpful, at least they were for me. I fought with this problem for over two years, learning to deal with this new me. Things had definitely changed.

Hope & Faith
I’m writing this to give you guys out there some hope. It does take time, it does take faith and prayer, but you can learn with God’s help to live with Tinnitus. With my advice and Gods help it may not take you two years to adjust.

With God’s help you will learn to tune it out, learn to get busy and pay it no mind. The best thing is to learn that you are STILL YOU! You can still hear the rain; you can still watch your favorite TV show. Know that you are not alone, there are many others just like you learning and praying and enjoying life.

While you are learning to adjust here are some key points.
Remember, You are not alone. You can do this. Don’t think about your Tinnitus. Don’t concentrate on it. Turn on the TV, or the radio. Get you a white noise machine. Read, Sing, or talk on the phone, and pray. Take your mind off your problem.

Just learn to forget it. Don’t talk about it. Tell your family to stop asking you are you okay, and treat you as if there was nothing wrong. Don’t focus on it. Move on and let God give you his peace and his love to overcome this new obstacle.

While you’re adjusting try these tips. Get you a fish tank, a water fountain, or something that is on all the time that will make some background noise. I personally have 3 tanks, and one white noise machine that makes a rain sound.

Each person must work this out a day at a time. I can’t stress enough to quit thinking about it. The longer you focus on it the louder it will seem. The more you can stay busy the easier it will fade into the background.

My Tinnitus seems to come and go, but I wonder. Did it really go or did I, with the help of God just forget it.

Part one is this page
Part 2 Tinnitus: Causes and Measuring sounds
Part 3 Tinnitus: Final Installment
Part 4 Years later

Please, come back and read part two tomorrow.

Samantha Fury
Questions are welcomed.
God bless.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Evernote part two Templates and More

Part two:   Evernote Templates
See part one Introduction and PC or Online

Evernote the ever growing helper 

Evernote reminds me of a file cabinet with many secret
compartments, that has a camera, a microphone and more. I may have to do a third article because I feel like I'm just reaching the edges of what this app can do. I know it's a bit overwhelming and that's why I didn't jump into Evernote last year but it just has so much to offer that I just have to give it a test drive.


I'm sure there are other things that we should talk about before templates but I'm an author and I've been looking for something like this forever so I have to share these great templates that I found. I don't use my phone for a lot of writing but while I'm trying to go to sleep or waiting for the dogs to take their walk I like to world build, or set up Character key-points. What has slowed me down is not having a simple list of shall we say 'fill in the blank templates'. 

I'll list below some of the great templates I've found on line. Here is a image sample of one of them. There are many different templates and you can edit them as you like and I'm sure after studying them you'll figure out how to save them in the form you want. I'm still working on learning how to make my own templates.
These templates that I found on line have some great ideas to get you started writing a great story. I'm grateful for those that share their templates online and now I'm sharing them with you. You will need a Evernote account to view these correctly.

Template - Three-Act Story Plotting
This is my first Template I hope you find it useful Samantha's Character Template

I hope you find these useful and here is an Evernote forum if you want to know more. Also there are hundreds of videos about Evernote on youtube if you need further information.
Evernote Forum  

I'd like to take this time to wish everyone a Happy New Year and if you have some templates you'd like to share please feel free. I hope to have a third post in a week showing you some of the ways my Author friends use Evernote. Book marks us and come back and check them out. 


Evernote: Part one What is Evernote

Evernote part one Introduction and PC or Online Version 
Part 2

A year ago when I found Evernote I looked the other way. I thought 'this is too complicated,' I don't have time to learn something this huge. Also, I wasn't sure it would help. Now I've decided it's worth another look. I've found several helpful things about this handy App and want to share what I've learned. Be sure to check out the other upcoming posts to see if there is something you're missing out on with Evernote.

What is Evernote?
Evernote seems to me that it is just about anything but cook, and it won't drive out and get a pizza. All joking aside Evernote does so much that it often scares people off. It will serves many purposes. It can be a digital file cabinet, note-taking, journal, task  and or project system, keep up with your recipes, and more.  It does so much I'll share a couple of useful blogs I've found on the topic.

What is all the Fuss about 
Getting Started with Evernote 
Prefer Video What is Evernote? 

Where does Evernote work?
Evernote syncs from PC to tablets to phones and what I love most is that it works on the PC, a lot of apps don't. This is where I started composing notebooks, and templates.  I found templates a few weeks ago and that pulled me back into looking at Evernote.  If you're into syncing then Evernote is for you. It will sync over any and all devices. They also have a pro-plan but I've not checked into that yet so I'm not sure what you gain by going pro.  Be sure and check out the Templates blog post if you're an author.


If you want a Evernote Account start here and then you can go to your phone, tablet, and download the app from your google play store or apple stores.  Then you can sign in to your account and start syncing

You can use Evernote on line, or you can download to your pc. I found with the online version you can arrange your toolbar, I'm sure there are other perks that I'll learn to having the PC version. To download click here.

PC or On-line choices

Here I will share a couple of screen shots between the online version and the PC version.  Click on the images to see the difference. The PC version is darker and more imaginable.
ON LINE VERSION Notebook screen                          PC Download Notebook screen  

Why download?
I wanted to organize my toolbar here is a screen shot of what you can do with the online version. Here is a short video on how to organize your toolbar Click here

Drop down menu's 
This is another advantage of downloading Evernote. I'm sure that a lot of the same functions are in the online version but the fonts look darker and are easier to find and read.  
Thanks for joining in check out the next lesson on Evernote LINK HERE in a few days check back.